Split personality decides to go murderous on HoP, gets the body killed

Byond Account: SimplySmiley

Character Name(s): Luna Spark

Discord Name: SimplySmiley

Round ID: 17645

Griefer Byond account: unknown

Griefer Byond name: unknown

What happened: After several floods of monkeys performed by Head of Personell Danny Mcgroove i decided to start harmlessly messing with him, slipping him with a banana far away from space to not space him, pepper spraying him, throwing a monkey at him. After one tackle performed by the HoP (dunno why he had tackling gloves but anyway) I recieve a split personality. The split personality right after taking over beelines at the HoP and starts attacking him and eventually crits them before I regain control, I almost get kileld by HoP at that point. Then after regaining control, they beelined to try and kill HoP again and almost get kileld by a chaplain this time. After regaining control and getting a borg to try and fix my brain to get rid of the personality, someone put an e-cigarette that caused an explosion that gibbed me (and probably HoP from what I assume as well as the borg and breaching the shuttle), effectively ignoring the flavor to “not get the host body killed”

Round 17644, 17645 and 17646 don’t list any of the information you’re talking about, are you sure this is the correct round ID?