Spy decides to go loud, kills off people not part of his objectives

Character Name(s): Dave
Discord Name: Chilli Dog Dave
Round ID: 31605
Date: 04/03/2024
Griefer IC name: Axle Brady
Griefer Byond account (if known): Sinfulbliss

What happened: they were a spy with the objective " Ensure no members of Medical escape the
they proceeded to do what the objective implies as is intended but failed to understand different roles and decided psych and some random cargo were also targets.
they also proceeded to kill a random bartender for “valid hunting” when they went loud


(coroner is circled to emphasis that they are indeed medical while psych is not similarly to how lawyer is not security even though their access allows it.)

Hello I was Axle. I went into medbay to kill members of medical since I had “Ensure no members of Medical escape the Station” objective. I saw the psych and assumed he was a member of medical, actually never knew he was service, so my mistake there.

As for the cargo techies, I didn’t “decide random cargo were also targets.” I had to steal one of their PDAs for a spy objective. Other techies and the miner were trying to get me out of cargo (understandably) so I shot them a few times.

The barkeep went down to cargo when he heard the commotion and started shooting me with his double barrel, so when I saw him in maint with the double barrel I killed him. I think he was a ling also since I saw an armblade.

Hi, i looked into this and

A. I talked to other mods and psyc is considered part of medbay
B.The fight in cargo seems like ic issue including the barkeep as they did fire their shotgun at axle

Thanks for the report.