Staff Conduct Complaint

Round ID: 17977
Ckey: Malerus
Staff Ckey(s): John Willard (Moderator), Blaberface (Moderator)

I had spawned into antag round as Rev Head, do my thing, die, and chill out for 15+ minutes. My body is long past dead, spaced, and headless, sure. I accept that and I’m getting bored and would like to still participate in the round anyway I can, even just spawning as a different character that’s non-antag, I don’t care, I wanted to enjoy the round with everyone.

Instantly I’m marked as IC issue, and I want clarification to understand why. I ask them why and I get marked as IC issue again and again. I then get linked to by John Willard and then marked for IC issue.

At this point I feel insulted, I just wanted my questions answered and I was given none of that. I was shoved away and treated like a pest. I ask why I’m being insulted for asking a question, and that Blaberface(?), not sure the exact name or different person with a B as the first letter of their name, then treated me as if talking to a child who just lost their fish and needed to flush it, marked as IC issue and then muted me.

It was very childish that things went to that as I just wanted my questions answered, as I had been respectful to the staff team. If my respawn was going to be denied, that’s fine, at least communicate why when I ask, not toss me away like yesterday’s news.


This is the proper place to file a staff report, not here. Also, for the record, the IC issue text that displays when your ticket is marked IC explains exactly to you how that is an IC issue and there’s no need for further explanation.