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How do I report a staff member per ur rules?

Hello. I’d like to report this “admin candidate” for being abusive. He did not punish a guy when he killed me for doing my job, then he was being a dickhead in ahelp and THEN he muted me both from OOC and from ahelp.

In fact, half the admin remarks I have are because of him.

He’s an asshole. Why the fuck did u give this sociopath so much power?

That was my original post, sry for copy/pasting. The report is about Tom F Hardy.

it says it right in that post how to staff report. Are you even reading it?

I did, it said to write here. Am I missing something? Anyway u read what I had to say twice and ur about formalities?

It says right in that post that this is where you do staff report. Yes, formalities are important obviously, since these things are taken seriously.

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Yeah well I am being serious coz one of ur staff is very unfair.

Yeah I’m aware. I’m the staff you are trying to report. Anyway, you know how to do it now, just put it in the form.

Haha! I see. So you’re being a dickhead even here.

Regardless of how you felt a ticket was handled, this sort of reaction and mistreatment of server staff is wholly unacceptable. Please note that this behavior is against our server policy and will be met with a ban if it continues.