Staveol's 1st Ban appeal

Byond Account: Staveol
Character Name(s): Bearded Dragon
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): StevenCrazyFire🐉#7734
Round ID of Ban: #16462
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): After dying as a changeling and making some hateful comments about some players, you got a bounty hunter spawner, killed non targets and when you died again, went on a rant with personal insults in OOC like: "i hope you all burn and die irl" or "thank you for wasting such oxygen from this planet you nerds that live in your mother's basements" before going and wasting few more spawners and instant suicides.

State your appeal: So i’m back here again after two weeks eh?
honestly this one’s highly against me so i’m struggling to find things to say in my defense, but i’ll attempt my best to organize a well written appeal.

1: i’ve played on fulpstation the most out of any other server as it was my starting place and i’ve gotten myself used to it for a while, though there are still some minor rules i did not know about such as the usage of spawners and golems, and also the OOC rants but more on that later.

so to come off clean and honest, yes i take full responsibility to have gone ape-shit over my antag round going not the way i planned it to. i’ve tried my best yet all i’ve been doing has been reduce to “unrobust fuck” or “dumbfuck” words by other players, fueling my rage even to higher degrees causing me to defend myself as a person and say some mean things that were possibly a little too much.

2: another recent event not stated in the ban reason is a discord related issue in which does not aid my case, while after my constant failures and misfortune in the server left a very bad taste in my mouth i angrily left the discord server and went on fulpstation’s discord to shout that i will get my revenge and cause mischief there for a change which resulted in the admins believing i was claiming to make a serious threat towards the server. which the following day i joined the game once again with no issues but naturally screwing up by saying extremely inappropriate words.

3: following the OTHER day (as in today) i re-entered the discord server for fulptstation, as to which after my removal from paradise i came to fulpstation and tossed a shit fit over how they’re bad at admining the game and threatned to grief their server. but to no avail i had given up my plan to raid the server after i was cooled off and went on ahead of dealing with my issues in their server over the course of these 2 weeks i’ve been gone from fulp’s sight. its all good in there now! though to be unbanned from their server they required me to get a vouch from another server and i thought it would be a great way for me to build up trust

4: i also take responsibility for having a shortage of leashes to hold my horses on my emotions which also cause me my removal from lots of places on the internet due to my anger issues. that’s an issue i’m well self aware about and trying my best to control it and cause lesser issues to the community.

in conclusion no, i do not have any screenshots relating to the issues caused by yours truly biggest idiot. ADHD for you…

so yeah i truly am sorry for my recent very unacceptable behavior, even went down to understanding how difficult it is for an admin to ban someone and then having to deal with their appeal which more then likely made me feel worse for even being a very difficult player to manage AND making this appeal.

it honestly pains me that my welcome in fulp being my favorite server has been worn out due to the same issues all over again.

i suppose all the cards are stacked up against me, while this is my 2nd time getting banned from here i do not see this appeal being accepted very easily.

nice day!

by the way just saying, the abuse of spawners were me attempting to revenge kill someone that has annoyed me for the rest of the round entirely(killed my changeling and another spawner) but failing to reach the ship most of the spawners (space russians) ended up floating in space and dying as i did not reach the ship and were not me destroying the spawners out of spite. what i did in the server wasn’t right i admit but i was incredibly angry and even i know where to draw the line of being a jerkwad.

  1. So, you’re saying you didn’t know it was against the rule to tell people
    “i hope you all burn and die irl” or “thank you for wasting such oxygen from this planet you nerds that live in your mother’s basements”? Unsurprisingly, this is very different from comparatively mild “dumbfuck” you claim you said in OOC. This is even in the ban message you posted. Why lie about it when it’s literally right there?

  2. You got permabanned from Paradise. They were nice enough to appeal your ban, and you got re-perma’d within a day. Remember when you told me you were going to get an appeal and a vouch from their admins? Clearly, you didn’t have enough respect for their server that you basically spit in the face of whoever took a chance on accepting your appeal. There’s no reason to think you won’t do the same here.

  3. So you’re admitting that you planned on raiding another server? Strange move. Not very compelling as far as your appeal goes. Also, you’re re-perma’d on Paradise. Again, lying in your appeal.

  4. I also have ADHD (type C), and I work in mental healthcare irl. I can 100% confirm that lacking human decency and being a general douche is not at all part of the diagnostic criteria and nothing to do with your diagnosis. This behavior is 100% on you, and throwing around your diagnosis as a way to get sympathy is such a bullshit, horrible move that makes us all look worse. Take responsibility for your mistakes and be better. Your diagnosis is not an excuse. I sure as shit don’t tell people that they’re “wastes of O2”, and neither do most people with ADHD. You’re 100% right that your recent behavior is unacceptable, and your immediate rebanning on paradise shows that you learned absolutely fucking nothing from either ban.

Learn to take responsibility for your actions and fix the mistakes you make. Appeal denied.