Stealing Warden equipment

Byond Account: John Willard
Character Name(s): John Willard
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): John Willard#6211
Round ID of Ban: 24399

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

State your appeal: The Warden was fullstripping me and putting my equipment in a permabrig closet, so I though that I’m being put in permabrig, so I resisted it by shoving the warden, taking their baton, stripping them of their ID and running out, I gave them back all their equipment, dropping/throwing their baton/ID next to them on my way out. I would understand arrest/perma/whatever for theft or resisting arrest, but I don’t understand how this is against the rules. I never kept their gear or held onto it for more than 10 seconds, I used it for that one scenario where I broke out of an arrest I disagreed with.

I also don’t like how the ban appeal says I’m antagonising new players and escalating fights with them, I didn’t start stuff with the warden, they previously walked up to me and asked me to hand myself in and I did. They were the ones that were fullstripping me to permabrig me, I just resisted it because I wanted to actually play my role as an atmos tech.

Unbanned. This round seems like it was a shitshow, and I can’t see any area in which rules were broken. The captain, the borg, and you could have all handled it a bit better but everything seems to be escalated properly.