Storys from the syndicate = Mauler marauder

Round ID = 16017 and guess who bella is, Team leader of nuclear team [PROJECT OMEGA] (Custom made name I came up with) And I get a snipe rifle, 2 mags of penetration and a mech suit: The mauler. On that round, It was 62 % Off (REALLY GOOD DEAL BY THE WAY!!) so I buy it and get in, Getting to the station and I lose my team due to my mech being really slow (But powerful) So I arrive in arrivals and get to the library. I see a few people and I open fire on them with a scattershot round (3 to be exact) None of them hit since the door closed so I moved on, Found a plasma man and shot him with my machine gun (First confirmed kill) and moved my way down to bota, This is where I equiped my rocket launcher mounted onto the mech, I shoot in killing one person and the animals there and shot another one to confirm that kill. I drilled into the airlock and started blastin’ I think I injuried a bota, But thats all. I went to chef and shot him to shreds, You see I was making my way to AI lawset to change laws but some how my suit decided to not work and I died when I got out from being exposed to space, Then we won the round. Really crazy round and enjoyable.

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