Strontium-XXIV - Round ID 9344

Byond Account: Arthensis

Character Name(s): Katherine Hayden

Discord Name: Neumann(Katherine Hayden)

Round ID: 9344

Griefer Byond account:

Griefer Byond name: Strontium-XXIV

What happened: 
I got permagullagged  for defending CMO.

Why I have responded in the first place: I was appointed second-in-command of medbay by CMO, so I had access to her office.

When I went in, I saw CMO horizontal on the table and Burns-Alive-Alot in fron of her. I responded with 2 shots of 15u chloral hydrate in case I would be unable to cuff him (I expected crit/death upon shooting), procedeed to cuff him, but when I was dragging him out I did not have a chance to inject syrinver, because I was insta stunned and cuffed by security borg.

I explained what happened, but Burns-Alive-Alot lied about me not having syrinver in my bag and also sec accused me of stealing Likteer ID (I was mid organ harvesting where Likteer came to me, because he was unable to bear spesss lag and wanted his organs to be given to cargo). I got permagulagged and during the process HoS kept me in plasmaflooded room.

GoldenAlpharex disregarded this ticket as IC issue, despite CMO admitting that I was acting in her defense and on her call and her explaining situation with Likteer to HOS.

EDIT: also including conversation from Discord:
There was more but I believe you can check it yourself if you have need to, we tried to explain that it was clearly defense of head of dept and used chem wasn't as lethal as he believed it to be.
Another edit: I forgot to include additional reason of attacking: Burns was in full shaft miner suit with rank Shaft Miner on examine.
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Attempted Murder is Attempted Murder. I acted off with what info I had at the time, you had injected him with a lethal dose of Chloral Hydrate and he had to use a med-pen to keep from dying. I’m pretty sure the Gulag tells you how many points you had to mine, in this case was 1000 points which can easily be done in 20 odd-so minutes. I’m sorry if I came off as a shitter, but this is my first HOS round, I’m still learning how to do this shit so bear with me, alright?

30u of chloral metabolises faster than they can tick toxin damage So its not lethal also 1k point overkill when entire gulag is n2o from what i heard and they didnt even had Gas maska nor a tank

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We alreaty told you - player with rank Shaft Miner, in miner suit, with CMO horizontal on glass table is straightforward. You should take that into consideration in the future. Still it was unjustified punishment.

From what I was told at the time, 30+ was lethal. She got knocked out from n2o while I was booking her in Perma from a previous incident.

50u+ is considered lethal

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Didn’t know that at the time.

So you Just said its lethal dosage without know Ing lethal dosage plus from screen shots it looks like self defense

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I was told it was a lethal dosage and that he barely survived. I standby my punishment, as from what i was told at the time, 30u is a lethal dosage.

Ask your local chemist or horizontal cmo on Glass table to tell you metsbolism rate syrinviver is more lethal than this hell even alcochol is

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I knew you are new, because I replied to your mhelp round start, so I tried my best to keep my salt despite my round going ruined. He never went past 75 hp and you refused to believe us despite getting us ling tested. Why would we assault someone in CMO office? We tried numerous times to explain what happened and you refuse to take criticism. And you would rather trust deputised shaft miner instead of another Head…
I see that it doesn’t lead to satisfactory conclusion, so that is my last input for the case.
EDIT: Ah, from what I know you also got bamboozled, as there is no such thing as chem ling tester AFAIK.

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BZ Metabolites works only on lings but it is a gas. You can make a bloodtest (blood into a beaker and a lighter). I was really surprised by that “test” but I decided to play along with that.
So your “mistake” was to send a person that was not looking like a sec. I thought it was a threat as somebody was trying to hack into my office multiple times during that round. When again I was hearing hacking noises I went to check that and saw your officer but looking more like a miner so I telebatoned him. Despite our explanation and my protest you decided to take Kat into gulag. She did what she should do. She was protecting head of her department. At no point your security officer life was in danger. We could see his “hp”. Borg also was acting weird (his law was to protect heads but he cuffed Kat) but damn, you refused to listen to CMO and a doctor telling you the same story about what happened there. I called for help as unknown (for us) person was trying to kidnap me. Even the captain told you that we were clean. Throwing a person to perma for defending a head that she was almost all the time with is just a dick move that you should do in my opinion.

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Captain really bamboozled me. *flip *clap *laugh

Addendum: To not make Strontium look like a complete ass - after extensive dispute on public chat including additional players, Strontium apologized to me.

We have a policy against admin shopping so if it was marked IC in game that would make this a staff report not a grief patrol so i will be closing this.