Suprising Nobody, Mime Powergames, Validhunts!

Byond Account:chumpywumpus
Character Name(s):Fighting Gold
Discord Name:Garf-Emperor of Mankind(Chumpy)
Round ID:22928
Griefer IC name: Fraudworks
Griefer Byond account (if known): BagpipeJogger

What happened: As the holoparaiste to a traitor miner, my master had an objective to behead a cargo technician. By the time I was activated the round had been in play for about an hour with the crew mostly defeating hostile nuke ops. As a result of the nukies being defeated a Mime, (who had gotten additional access in the form of a cargo tech) Fraudworks found themselves in possession of an L6 Saw, which they must have ‘forgotten’ to turn over to security after the ops had been dealt with. As the shuttle had been called, my master and I decided to make an attempt on the target cargo tech. It was at this point, while the target was in crit and being dragged to the mining shuttle, the Mime Fraudworks took it upon themselves to validhunt and quickly dust me and my host with the aforementioned Saw. It should be noted that the security team was very much alive and intact while this happened and that Fraudworks disregarded this for the sake of some epic Validhunting of an antagonist who had virtually zero hostile interactions with them prior.

This has been dealt with, though it was a different player than mentioned here.