Sylvia's Mentor App

Byond Account: Kinking
Character Name(s): Sylvia
Discord Name: Kian
Age: 21
Timezone: Australia, UTC+10
Active hours: Early hours of the morning… or whenever I want, really.
Are you interested in becoming a mod?: Yes, mostly I would like to shift-right click on the person who routinely plasmafloods lowpop and delete them from the game.

How long have you played on Fulpstation?

For about 5 months now regularly, although apparently I made brief first contact in 2020. I’m something of a fulp loyalist and only play on here for some reason.

I decided to make this app now that i have spent :heart_eyes: 500 hours :heart_eyes: of my life on fulp


What departments are you able to be a mentor for? Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments?

  • Absolutely Service: I like Cook, Clown and Chaplain the most. Cook is my favourite job and also my favourite to teach. On low pop you can find me cooking if there is no food on the counter irrespective of my department. I would really like to share the tricks I’ve learned while not playing Cook as well.

  • Definitely Science: Too scared to touch Ords/Toxins/TTV griefing but the rest of science i have a good understanding of. Can explain reasons behind different research priorities, how to upgrade machine parts, xeno-biology, doing experiments and both Roboticist and Geneticist quite comfortably.

  • Probably Medical: I don’t pick medbay alot, but i can explain how to revive a patient from any state, and how to not blow up chemistry.

  • Maybe Security: strangely I enjoy ss13 pvp, and pick sec mostly to get better at it; my thirst for violence has given me a good memory for the various hard counters to specific antagonists and items.

  • Not Engineering: I don’t have enough hours for CE, but I’ve watched someone turn on the SM before.

  • Antagonists: I’m an awful heretic, some others like wizard, space dragon, space ninja, I’ve simply never rolled. Other than that I like being evil. I can explain stealthy, loud or stupid methods to complete every traitor objective that you can get.

What are some things you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp?

Fulp is cool as heck
Everything useful I’ve learned about this game has been from talking to people on this server, asking them what they are doing and how. Anything and everything can show you something cool; whether it’s getting murdered or having a monkey bring each circuit to you in order until you put them together correctly. Staff have been great to interact with, even receiving notes. Had what I did wrong explained to me and was given a chance to apologize. In all my time here I’ve gotten 4 notes, all of which I believe for misunderstanding the rules at varied levels of severity. There are a lot of rules, remembering the specifics of all of them I was overconfident about.


People will now confuse us more +1


I was wondering why the fuck slivina is applying again

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Very active on the discord and in game, very kind and I’ve only had some minor issues with them, I think they’d be a great mentor +1

I will have an excuse to confuse Silvia and Silvina +1

Australia +1



I confuse them for silvina +1

i thought they were Silvina +1 for identify theft

+1 very friendly

Your app has been accepted! Welcome to the mentor team!