Temp ban appeal: Jonnakas

Byond Account: SinfulBliss
Character Name(s): Axle Brady
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): TreyJ#0265
Round ID of Ban: 15374
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): 

State your appeal:

Kudzu was taking over the station and overwhelming it. Multiple people were wounded, delimbed, and/or dead directly because of the exploding kudzu which was quickly spreading throughout the station and blocking both medbay and evac. I was chopping down the kudzu with my combat knife as fast as possible when a clown comes in and declares himself “defender of the forest.” He repeatedly blocks me, attacks me, and shoves me to prevent me from attacking the kudzu. I attempted to shoo him away nonharmfully for a while before eventually realizing he was not going to leave. The assault is something I could have brigged him for to begin with, but seeing as there was kudzu spreading rapidly and seeing as I was one of very few people helping to chop it down, that seemed like a bad idea.

In light of the situation I used lethals to get him to leave the area. I chased him away and then went back to fighting the kudzu, at which point I was bwoinked for my usage of lethals. I believe I was within my right to use lethals here, because it fits under the “criminals in a hostile environment” rule, as well as the “Code Red Situation” rule, which are explicitly there to allow officers to use lethals in situations where nonlethals are impractical. Bringing the clown to brig and processing them, which also I believe was blocked off by kudzu, would have let the kudzu grow unhindered for 5 minutes. As a proof of concept, after I finally chased off the clown and finished responding to the bwoink, in that time alone the kudzu grew to a point that was essentially unstoppable and became a lost cause. The shuttle came shortly after, but I mention this just to make the point that the threat was dire and threatened station integrity, so I considered it a situation that warranted Code Red. According to the spacelaw page, deadly force is permitted in those situations.

The admin agreed that what the clown did was ahelpable, and that I should have ahelped it as opposed to responding with lethals. I thought what the clown was doing is exactly what a clown might do in that situation - make a funny joke out of a harsh situation. I wouldn’t have felt right ahelping that, so that is why I chose to handle it IC. I don’t even think the clown ahelped. I have read many, many times the rules for using lethals as sec, and I am almost certain my actions here were prudent because of the circumstance.

The ban is listed as being for “using lethal shotgun shells without authorization.” Sec does not need explicit authorization to use lethals; authorization is only required to execute with lethals. Using lethals as sec is allowed but only if it fits under the “use of deadly force” clauses, which this situation clearly does.

You’ve been on a bit of a bad streak lately with sec having to be talked to three times in two days and then this current ban. When we look though the logs you had a disabler at the time and most sec go around with their handcuffs even if you didn’t want to stop fighting the vines you could have just arrested them and moved them out of the way so they wouldn’t be impeding progress and from the end of round grief you where stunning people with your stun baton. On top of your combat gear you had a knife the attack didn’t stop after critting them you just kept stabbing them while they where down

Later they came back you shoved them first then they shoved you and kicked off another fight between you two. When you’re playing sec you’re expected to follow space law and server rules. When you go though our server rules we have defined what grief is the clown was by no means in the right for the space vines and you weren’t in the right to lethal the clown and keep going after crit its the whole two wrongs don’t make a right situation, but you’ve been talked to so much recently and told to read the servers rules and are still having the same mistakes with over aggression towards other players. This ban will not be appealed since a break from sec would be for the best lets try to avoid this in the future.

TLDR: Appeal denied a break from sec is very needed.

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