Temporary First Time Ban Appeal

Byond Account: Nagitoes
Character Name(s): Maya Fey
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Blackmore#0001
Round ID of Ban: 11723
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Rules broken: Core 2) Metagrudging, Security Responsibilities Reason: As a warden, you have hired crewmembers to order a hit on HoP, claiming him to be a nuclear operative. Not only this is violating security procedures, but also this is violating Core Server rules due to ongoing conflict for yet another round.

State your appeal: This was a complex and complicated situation that warranted full context before a punishment was given to decide the punishment, which I wasn’t able to give, as I will now.

In the previous game to the incident, I was killed out of spite by the HoP and thrown off the shuttle out after I we got in to a conflict and flashed them for chasing me around. After beating me a good 5 minutes of chopping my body they said they would metagame with their friends and kill me next round. I reported this to admins immediately. I will keep their name withdrawn unless asked.

At the immediate beginning of the next round this came true, I got a message on my PDA from the HoP saying he was coming to kill me right now as he done twice before. I could not ignore or avoid this and they came to meet me personally, yet there were too many witnesses. His friends, particularly a clown from previous games, was there making threats and stealing weapons.

After being threatened for yet another round with being metagamed by his friends and “gibbed”, a lawyer came to me and struck a legal deal in which I said two prisoners would work for me as bodyguards. I said to them to kill HoP if he came comes to attack me which he did try, only for them to block his way. This was protection against a long-running abuse of rules, though I appreciate the poor choice of phrasing.

The HoP ultimately wasn’t killed or hurt even once in any form. Yet, without being able to explain the PDA threats, the immediate danger, situation or context I was banned for three days, my first ban.

I am asking to be given a second chance or to reduce my time to 24 hours, I have never been banned before and this will never happen again. I apologize for my actions and have learned a great deal from this. Thank you.

I tried to keep things very short and simple here. There is a lot more information that I could share to explain why I acted in self-defence however I believe what I have gave should show my side adequately and I do not wish to take anyone’s time. I really hope you can all find it in your hearts to forgive a mistake on Christmas day. Thank you.

I have had my ban extended after writing this ban a day later on after this appeal. The reasons given are reiterations of the crime already stating, now referencing the events in lavaland where I flashed the people chasing me who then metagamed and broke the rules against me. This was already admitted and I have described this, I do not think it is fair that my ban has been increased WITHOUT A CHANCE TO EXPLAIN A DAY LATER. Now I have a 9 or 12 days ban. Please reply to my appeal and appeal this ban.

Just wondering, since you said you reported these people, what did the mods/admins on duty do about this guy who allegedly blatantly metacommed/metagrudged you three rounds in a row?

Great question. I informed two admins of this over the period and they witnessed the threats of metagrudging and teaming to kill me. Both of them warned the individual that if they went through with what he said he would be punished, saying so in OOC after the game ended. One of the admins said they were keeping an eye on the situation. I can only hope and assume this individual and their friends were banned as well, since they witnessed their initial threat, but since I was banned I cannot tell you definitively what happened to them after we had the clash. It is unfortunate the subsequent clash was not backed-up or PDA messages were read or we could have avoided this whole mess without my harsh punishment.

I’ll shorten the ban to the original 3 day since it is your first time being banned and we don’t do double jeopardy so that means youd be unbanned for this but please in the future let us know and if you feel somthing is being miss handled or not done right make a staff report here and we i or another admin will looking in this matter further