Thatoneyeeter's ban appeal

Byond Account: Thatoneyeeter
Character Name(s): Haley (pAI), Mary Costello
Discord Name: ThatOneYeeter#2019
Round ID of Ban: 22448
Ban Message: “ban evasion from bigblacktyrone” by Tetracor
Appeal: First of all, I’m not bigblacktyrone. I got banned on my 4rd or so ever round on the server. and apparently my account got confused with another. It’s happened on Goonstation today (I hadn’t played on Goon in a month, and when I logged on today I was banned for apparently griefing), and an admin from the colonial marines server has PM’d me a while back about what seems to be the same issue (I’ve played for several months on the CM server, but only recently started branching out to the other servers). The only thing I did on Fulpstation was spend two rounds customising a character, then dying from way too many negative traits, then resort to playing as a pAI because that was fun before being banned. I’ve played for a while (somewhere around half a year) now on the colonial marines server with the same account, so perhaps you can ask someone from there to clear things up. Point is, I’m not a person who logs onto servers to grief and generally be an asshole. I just don’t do that.

I’d like to add, it’s probably a technical issue involving the computer ID thing or whatever that is, but I don’t play using VPNs/proxys/whatever that sort of deal. The admin from the CM server was also confused on this, and when I reconnect from servers (bad internet) it always displays the pop-up that says “Log out now or risk being banned”. I’ve had the pop-up each time I reconnected on the colonial marines server, so it got annoying and eventually I ignored it. (That’s probably related to the ban.)

So I did some digging around the forums, apparently bigblacktyrone has showed up multiple times in other people’s ban appeals, for example Cinbo’s ban appeal which has a very similar thing going on.

There’s the image by the way.

There’s a couple of things that can cause the ban detection system to give a false positive, and judging by the admin logs, that is likely the case here. I’ve appealed your ban and made a note on your account so other staff know to ignore it. You should be able to log in to the server; I’m going to leave this thread open, so please let me know if you still aren’t able to connect for any reason.