The absolute state of robotics players: One man, one mech, one slur

Byond Account: Noodlecat
Character Name(s):Crux CF
Discord Name:
Round ID:25198
Griefer IC name:Dusteff Muzzcoffman
Griefer Byond account (if known): RagnarokGG*

What happened:
Robo parks lethally armed mech in a way that blocks shuttle medbay, crew respond by destroying the mech. during which the mech defends itself by firing a tesla cannon(weapon arcs its attacks to nearby people) at people, resulting in mass injury. i end up hitting the guy a couple times after the mech is destroyed. he then takes this as permission to go around the shuttle attacking people. is critted by me and some other people. during the time he is revived by the other roboticist from being in crit to full health, he then gets out a baton with antidrop implants, crits me, and tries to drag my corpse to the shuttle airlock. only being stopped by the mime. eventually they just kill me.
after the altercation he calls me a slur in ooc when i call him out for shuttlegrief

This was handled not by me but I’ll still close the thread for forum credits

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