The banana appeal for staveol the known shitter

Byond Account: STAVEOL (a disliked name in the west, banned from the bars. nooo drink no sire)
Character Name(s): i really forgot its been a hot damn while
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): uhhh 🔥ChadQueenie🔥#2760
Round ID of Ban: 12378 (neat number arrangement i do say!)

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): image
bit of a yikies if you ask me… considering the fact i also have like buncha bans on servers in the past for pretty… uahghh lets just say not really “great” behavior.
State your appeal: alright i’m gonna get serious now.

1: look i know i did some bad stuff in the past, which was almost like what? 6 months by now? and i won’t lie it was a really good damn reason to even ban me in the first place, like holy crapparonie with a side of a macaronie. “i hope you all burn and die in real life?” “nerds who lives in your mothers BASEMENTS?” tah okay that last one was kinda weak and cute except for the “thanks for wasting our precious oxygen” part… but still. these are reasons that totally justifies my ban.

2: i’ve done my fair share of deal in this server, got banned once returned and got banned again, i’ve also lied in the past appeal aaaand perhaps threw a little blame on my ADHD. you know to make up for my “lack of human decency”. and being a pretentious PRICK doesn’t really make me any deserving for any sympathy (and believe me i know! from experience)

3: alright alright, i got banned from like… what 8 servers? each one of them were prettyyy childish stupid and really really uh… “gmod player” mindset type bans? i guess. but like yeah sure i got unbanned from paradise AFTER being trusted by an admin and yata yata and didn’t really respect them in the process by being REBANNED FOR WIELDER BOMBING??? look, i’m not the type of guy that does out of his way to fucking harass people or anything. but i am the type of idiot that actually throws a fit and does stupid shit without thinking of the concequences with a bit of being a nutjob in roleplay games. ultimately i was banned from my best friend’s minecraft yandere schoolRP server for constant stupidery if that’s even a word.

3: this is the part where i’m going to get a bit serious. after a long while i returned to the paradise station discord server and the former admin that trusted me assumed i wanted an another chance. but in fact quite the opposite, i only came back to make a sincire apology to said person about fucking them over after everything they’ve done and came to the conclusion that i am really not a shitter, but i just don’t really do well in “strict-ruled” places. (not stating i haven’t changed my behavior in which we’ll get to in a moment)

4: the admin that banned me was hollandaise but the admin i really expect to deal with me is horatio. look i know you really really REALLY have a strong dislike towards me because of some justified actions, i lied and i attempted to weasel my way out of severe punishments like a lil weasel or something evilish maybe snake idk. i apologize for everything i did but i do not expect any positive reactions to this apology.

5: i know everything i’ve done so far in SS13 after i was invited by my friends was blatantly terrible if not inexcusable IE: look up my other bans from other servers

however i want to sincirely apologize to everyone that i broke their trust even after considering me nice at first. i never meant to do harm to anyone but i only acted based on my lack of impulse control and my childishry. i am doing this appeal with a mindset that i’ll have a closure with some people and not to get unbanned. my behavior has greatly changed. even to the point of being a decent player in CEV EU in CM as well as currently applying for an unappeal on austation. i am really really sorry for everything and really if you want to see me try!! although that is entirely up to hollandaise and horatio. thanks

man for sure i’m gonna get hit with a declination harder than mike tyson’s bite on holyfields ear i guarrantee

After you harassed me in DMs after your last appeal? You’re sure right about that. You’re not welcome here, and you never will be. Denied.