The idiot's (Amazing person's) guide to being a wiznerd, The science knockoff without the nerd stuff

Ah, Welcome! I wasnt expecting you at this time… Please! Take a seat and grab yourself some hot coco and buckle your batons and flashes to your belt as we’re gonna talk about my favourite (One of my favourites) Antag, Wiznerd.

You may be asking, What the hell is a wizard and how is it in a game setting in 2561?!?!

Good question, I dont know blame it on TG.

Now you make also be asking, Why arent you talking about how you play this amazing (Awful) antag?!?!
Well, My Intern friend in the wizard federation! We were getting to the part in the story.
To play this antag you must first get it (No shit) And this antag is rare.

I got wizard! Now what?

Congrats, Friend! The wiznerd federation has sent you to infiltrate the movie saw 1 to… Uh… 9? Now, You might see some goodies in your little den. Robes, Yeah gonna be honest just take a pair of robes for the road since the HOP loves taking your stuff. Once you have your rob- Wait wait wait we skipped a page, Choosing your name.

As wizard you get to choose a amazing name of your choice. So, You’ve chosen your name and got your spare pair of pajamas, Now what?!?! Theres a book in your bag, THIS IS MANDATORY TO PLAYING WIZARD Open the book and you’ll find yourself choosing spells, Going to offensive to loadouts great wizards have used in the past. Now I bet your gonna say…


Yep… Knew it.

Spells are really the players (Yours) preference, Love not attacking people and throwing them into space? Get some spells to defend you while getting a spell to unlock the airlocks. Wanna end everyones lives and have all their heads on your staff? Get some spells to teleport around the station while getting some powerful attack spells! Like to be stealthy with your magic? Get some spells to open doors and when your in a pickle (Sec firing their shotguns) Spawn in infinate guns or set off some fire alarms! It all comes down to you. But… If you wanna know my spell- Shit we skipped a page.


Some spells dont work without your pajamas, I know. Fun ruiner. If you get any spells where you need to have your PJ’s? Sorry bud, You arent gonna use it! But lucky for you, You can swap those spells out by refunding them! Every round you have 10 points to get spells. (Or a apprentice you abuse) Spend it wisely! (Well you can refund that)

Now, The juicy part. The station!

Once you got your spare spider man PJ’s and your mario PJ’s your wearing, Lets go down the station and set up a meet and greet! In your pocket should be a scroll of teleportation, YOU HAVE 3! (Or 4) USES! (Apprentices get 1 because they’re PJ’s arent as fashionable as yours!) Choose a location and beam me down, Scotty!


Go get some meds, The station doesnt like you (Except the curator and the clown… And maybe a few more people)

Sec gathering up on ya? FIREBALL them! (Disclaimer!! Wizard federation does not pay for the following damage: Your ears, Your eyes, Your braincells, The limbs you might lose) Its best to stay back when you cast this…

Now! lets go back to the objectives (We werent even on objectives…)

As a wizard the federation wants you to do some things to get some new PJ’s, Trust me they dont come cheap. Lets say you gotta end a poor crew member, Go teleport to their workplace and end them! You have alot of access, Dont forget that. (Unless you dont have a teleportation spell and the scrolls out your kinda screwed man… Sorry) Gotta steal the AI? Hey! Lets go pop to RD and pay em a visit (And splash his blood on the windows) And just “Borrow” The intellicard and go to the AI’s sat and yoink em! Gotta take the shuttle and be responsible with it? Make them call shuttle then defend it by murdering people who come on board! Your a wizard, You can do alot to do your objectives.

Harry! Sec got me! Now what?

Assuming you have a teleportation spell and you PJ’s, First, You say no… THEN YA GET OUTTA THERE! Unless they beat you to a pulp…
The teleportation spell is so useful when your in cuffs and being dragged off to your death, Teleport to the morgue or go somewhere near maints and get the cuffs out and start ending them again!

Harry, I did all my objectives, Now what?

Again, Assuming sec hasnt killed you… Go have some fun, You earned it.

End note: This guide might be missing alot. I might make a 2.0 or something. You dont have to follow this… Anyways night or something (Im still on forums :)

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It’s worth noting that the wizard needs to speak to cast spells, meaning mute toxins or krav maga will be your worst nightmares.

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