The paranoid RD event

Oct 28
Byond Account: LizardRogue
Character Name: Booker
Discord Name: Booker
Round ID: 9105
Griefer Byond Name: Neon Musk

I didn’t see much of this because I was a Centcomm official, but the AI reports (take it with a pinch of salt) was reporting how Neon was claiming there were nuclear operatives as an excuse to get security gear. I was there to see him try and ask the warden for sunglasses, AI continues reporting that he keeps doing this up until this eventually leads to his demotion.
(Neon constantly asks for sec equipment in other rounds too)
Overall I just wanted to check if he did anything out of line while I was just tending to the halloween party.

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I was the AI that game.

I said “suit sensors to maximum or nuclear operative will shoot clown.”. Its a common jokevox I do every round by replacing “nuclear operative” with X. For my vox announcements, X is anything else on vox (like captain, engineer, xenomorph, chef etc). I try to change it up every round.

Neon Musk takes this at face value despite the fact that as an AI I have no real way of telling if there are nuke ops unless they declare war (which he should know, he’s not a new player). Someone reported that Neon was trying to get armory access/equipment so I repeated it to make for an interesting report (I was on reporter lawset).

Neon did keep doing things that round because he believed nuclear operatives were real despite being told by captain and me were not several times. He takes a PDA bomb at face value to think that the nuclear operatives are after him.

Eventually after entering a physical altercation with one of his staff members that wished for his demotion earlier, he was set to arrest by me on HoS/Captain’s earlier orders. During this he gets into fights with sec and hop and gets teleported into space via his reactive armour.

My borg recovers him and takes him to medical, where I ask captain if he should demoted to which someone from your centcomm team say to demote him. Since centcomm outranks us, crew complies.

That’s the most I know of what happened that round. He spent a lot of time either in bridge or being on the run after centcomm had entered the bridge.

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Ok I was the RD.

To start things off sunglasses are not security gear, HUDsunglasses are.

Second “Neon was claiming there were nuclear operatives as an excuse to get security gear.”
Is bullshit after I got PDA bombed I didn’t goto security to ask for security gear, I went to the captain to ask for a new id. And I ask, and got the sunglasses before I got bombed. The ai just lied.

Thirdly I was not paranoid about the nuke ops, all I did was get PDAbomb, then said over the command radio: “We have nuke ops.” I said this one time because only nuke ops use the PDA blowing tool. So I thought we had nuke ops I was not paranoid, after I got a new id I researched guns, then was told by the science team that there were no nuke ops, then I stop researching guns, and went back to researching parts. That was it I maybe in total said the word nuke ops 3 times.

Fourthly I was not demoted over the fact that I thought there were nuke ops.

I was merely acting on sec comms claiming something about you wanting to raid armory, seeing as how interesting it was, I reported it.

And I do recall you talking about nuclear operatives more than once, before and after your PDA bomb. You even tried to research something specific because you were adamantly convinced they existed. Crew had pointed out that PDA-bombing is not exclusive to nuke ops.

Not that I care how many times you talk about nuke ops or what you really were doing, I’m just a reporter AI clarifying my POV.

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Sounds like this was all sorted during the round. Closing this.