The Plushie Profile Picture thread

Good day everyone, I present to you, a plushie.

Kerlin doll PFP 10xscale

Once Again I invade from other forums realms foreign, bearing things unseen and prior never dreamt by the minds that congregate here.
Does this image spark joy?
is the first thing you thought “That is adorable, who made it and where do I get one?”
Good news, I have the answers to both of those questions.
I myself have made this plushie, following the design of an employee most valued in realms intended for those newest our spess madness.

I can make such Plushies for you as well, should you so desire, all I need is basis of 4, take screenshots of your character In game, be that at the photo-booth in the holo-room or in the Character setup screen.

And thus, from realms of Honey combs, Apids and perilous Falls Crossed, shall I not merely import, but wholly craft anew, these plushies for you.

Please, gaze upon examples of my wares.

Nanibyte med plush1to8

Ruth Less doll 1to8

SirNoobsAlot Plush PFP1to8

Pavliko Plush PFP1to8

And with that said, I bid you adieu and to see you soon, oh thee of this realm.


These are absolutely adorable

We should have a Squishcurity Plush

when are these being added in-game though?

Well over on the server these originated from, they haven’t gotten around to it since the coders are busy refining the experience into something closer resembling what the Owner/Operator and his admin crew define as “a new player friendly experience”, which is mostly stream lining aspects of Items, fixing systems and adding variety to the ways to play.

Adding these to Fulp? well all I can say is if you know how to put them into beyond, can pester, convince or pay a coder bro to do so? I’d gladly provide the PNGs and make more per requests.

go down to the features request forum section.