The positronic brain mech validhunting epidemic

Recently there has been a repeating issue of robotics making and producing mechs with positronic brains in them, usually in numbers far exceeding 1, these mechs are most often combat mechs like gygaxes or riplies armed with plasma cutters, drills, or pkas(which interestingly never mine a single ore). Often these mechs end up doing what heavily armed unstunnable people do next, validhunt. Some of the time this is within the rules of acceptable killing (eg, killing a hijacker) but is still extremely unfair to the antag, who now has to deal with multiple pressure immune hostiles who cannot be stunned and have massive health pools and equally massive damage. And those other times its some traitor attempting to retreat into maints being attacked by 3 gygaxes with scattershot guns, all of which controlled by posibrains. This is also a pain in the ass to ahelp because you don’t actually see the name of the posibrain doing this unless they actually talk. Considering how common this has become recently i would honestly love some sort of crackdown on this shit as its really annoying and boring


Ahelp it then

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we have other ways of knowing who is controlling a mech. always ahelp this.

You can always make a tracking beacon and an exosuit control console in robotics…

you think a seccie who’s posted to science would notice this sort of shit and get those mechs in more secure hands but oh well.

last I’d heard once shit more impressive than a odysseys or clarke starts stomping about really sec should be involved

No, it isnt. Prepare carefully and be aware rhetoric, if it’s late game, there will probably be mechs. Honestly skill issue lol.