The single worst assistant I have ever seen in around 64 hours

Byond Account: ibuildblasters

Character Name(s): Jill Jones

Discord Name: ibuildblasters#7470

Round ID: 20866

Griefer Byond account: Unsure

Griefer Byond name: Unsure. Played as Dwight Walker

Discord is Donk#4450, it seems. He blocked me after we found each other. And I have to say, for someone with so much playtime, he sure doesn’t know how to handle a situation and escalation. Though, to be fair I have never had to report someone to an admin and the idea didn’t so much as pass my mind before it was brought up.

What happened: First time, he snuck into engineering and demanded a RPD. I didn’t mind much, but I figured he couldn’t be up to any good with it and he kept demanding it, so I decided to tell him no, and pull him out, not forcefully. Then he decides that he would force the issue, and snuck into atmos while the door was open. He continues to run from us in there, refusing peaceful removal, smacking pipes once or twice and trying to steal a locker. Please note he kept mentioning that he had no idea why we had a problem with him doing this, and he kept trying to demand an RPD. I think he thought there was one in the locker. But at that point, if you have pissed off 3 engineers/atmos techs and they are starting to threaten harm, you should get the point and go peacefully if possible. The 3 of us, me and 2 atmos techs, were trying to stop him. Keep in mind he was an assistant, this was a no-go and a greytide, and by now we had enough of his shit. So, one of the techs decides to do this the hard way, and tells us to put internals on while he switches the air system over to N2O. The assistant had internals, though, and he just kept running around. So, I warned him that if he didn’t leave I would resort to violence, and all the while warning him, and trying to get security in there, I manage to catch him and to keep him from just running away again I welded his eyes. Unfortunately, he died. Please note by now I was really pissed off and I admit I may not be making the best descisions. So, I carried him away to security, and asked them to perma him or let me borg him, but in order to do that he had to be revived. So I take him to medbay, and I’m watching the procedure and talking to the borg there, when one of the doctors ask me for a machine, which I go off and grab the parts for. Apparently, in my meantime, he recovered and the borg let him go. So, I finish my machine in medbay and find him and an assistant called July Morty in the cafeteria. By this time I had calmed down some, and warned him that sec wanted them in the brig. They, of course, ignore me and try to run away, which ends in a situation much like in atmos, where I chased him down and he evaded me constantly. However, in this situation, July sees me as attacking him and decides to step in. Ironically the both of them fight a little bit when they’re not fighting me. In the end, he gets away scot free, and he’s taken the welder I was chasing him with (I again warned him, I was not gonna put up with his shit) and eventually he gets away. I bet the chefs enjoyed watching that. So, I start trawling the halls again, looking for something to fix or do, and I’m by Evac when I hear someone being beaten. So I look around, and here is this dense disingenuous, ____, in customs, beating someone called Patrick Wise, probably a security officer based on what I learned later, into the table. So I call him out, tell him to fuck off, and being caught in the act and calling security for the (probably) 6th time on the radio, he lets her go. Now, in customs he had rigged up 2 disposal chute systems in order to break in and out without access to the door, somehow, and that was how he got in. So, I decide to lock him in there, by disabling the chute in front of customs and then going into maints and trying to disable the pipe that let him out through the pharmacy. (I was not going to greytide to shut it down, only if I had a very valid reason to get into the pharmacy) While I was doing this, he got out, and I discovered this and started hunting him down again. I decided to look by the brig in case security locked him up, but no. I ran into him, and he decided to try and bait me into the holodeck. As in, he was actively slowing down and waiting for me. I was angry and decided to stun him and then bind him with cable, then drag him to security. But this dude manages to knock me down and tie me to a chair, with a telescoping baton, (I have never been good at combat, but I was beyond being safe at that point) and starts trying to talk me down. I call for security again, but comms are down. So, I just have to wait to see if he kills me. But no, he just goes over to the computer and changes the simulation, freeing me. During this, I demanded my welder back, and he had listened. So I just decide to hastily weld him inside the holodeck by welding the fire doors, (we had like 4 minutes left and I was confident I could get security) But I see him again in the customs office. And this time, I had a security officer nearby, who thankfully believed me even as Dwight tried to gaslight me by telling me I was a liar. I also note he changed his name and ID to be Unknown. He also had a syndicate mask, according to the security guy. So, finally having my welder I decide to finally disable the secondary chute, and do so immediately. Unfortunately, he had the foresight to re-enable the chute in front of the office. So, he gets out that way and we have another little chase, before he jumps back into the office. I disable the chute, and he is now locked in there. So, since the sec officer next to me had no gear, he makes me a deal: if I can get someone with command level access to open the door, he’ll search him. And the officer actually find someone with said access and opens the door. Dwight goes willingly, denying it all and saying he’ll be peaceful the whole time. So, they take him into the little evac sec office, and they find the tele baton he beat me with in the holodeck, the syndie mask and the aforementioned Patrick Wise’s ID (I think, they just said it was a seccie ID, but I think that was where they got it from) and then they lock him up. By now the shuttle had arrived, and, cooling down and considering my business done, I board. Then I made my feelings known in #criticisms (completely forgetting not to target people, sorry) and find Donk/Dwight on discord complaining about the exact same situation the assistant was in. Also, note that anger very likely clouded my judgement. I am a very chill person, but things going sour really fast always gets on my nerves and I think that this started just minutes into the round. I hope that covers everything. I believe anger got to both of us, by the way. I don’t want him banned, I just want yall to make sure he understands the rules, and why that just wasn’t okay in the slightest.

sorry for the few thousand word essay. I overthink when I’m pissed

Hello, i’ll explain this in detail because you did a few things you don’t seem to understand.
I asked for an RPD and you had let me into engineering, then after your atmos friend said an antag did something you tried to kick me out. I wanted the RPD to learn something new which was disposal hoping that’s how I broke into customs, I chose that room because there is nothing in there and it has an easy disposal system. You continued to harass me in engineering and I refused to leave because an RPD is as I quote of you “Something he shouldn’t have.” I wanted to learn a new mechanic to do in the game and because of you it took me somewhere around 30-45 minutes to do so. You and the 2 buddies in engineering attacked me and I never tried to do any physical harm I only shoved and accepted my fate as it was clear to me you are new and didn’t know what to do.

As for the bar incident you came over trying to attack me with a welder for something that was already dealt with by security, I was dead long enough and had no notes on my record they had more pressuring matters to deal with such as actual threats. You tried to welder me which I table shoved you for then some random assistant came over and was a shitter for no reason. I attacked them because they was trying to do shit to you and they was trying to show off.

As for the depatures customs room the whole point of the RPD was to learn disposal hoping, using disposal pipes to enter rooms. I chose customs because it has nothing of value in the room so I could learn how to do it. I did so which you saw me in the room chilling. I went SSD here when I come back after going afk to some random trying to attack me. I beat the shit out of him which was barely medium to severe damage. You then try to overescalate again and be a security officer you clearly aren’t.

Holodeck fight I was done with you’re constant attack and I used holodeck to try and talk to you to fuck off because you did nothing but annoy me. I stunned you with the holodeck telescopic baton and was just chilling. I gave you a welder I have grabbed while you tried to attack me and you then after my mercy come over and try to attack me again like WTF.

At the end I just gave up because you couldn’t accept the fact that you was in the wrong majority of it and security couldn’t be bothered to deal with minor problems such as an assistant trying to get an item. I just stopped trying to play the game and accepted whatever happened.
Frankly I don’t understand why you tried to be a security officer and make your own independent department almost as if it’s a gimmick not truly fun. You ruined my round for a good solid 30 minutes while I was dead and all my shit was taken. I’m baffled as to how you can grief patrol me after the shit I tolerated.

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That is something you should have started to talk about to the HOP. if you want to learn something like that, you would want to be an engi or atmos engineer, and you could have just explained your motives. You refused to do that. Then you went ahead and ignored me when I said you could leave peacefully, if you stopped, to the point we had to resort to physically disabling you for fear of possible damage.
As for the bar: I did not just rush you with a welder. I told you to go the brig with me, peacefully grabbing you. Then I repeated this a few times, warning you again. Instead of just turning yourself in you decided to try and fuck with me. And you’re right, that assistant shat on both of us.

As for customs, all I saw when I came around was you beating the shit out of a sec officer. I already hate that kinda shit happens to me and I never stand for it. Instead of just, like, going to the HOP, asking to become an engi and letting me or one of the others show you the ropes. It’s easy, man and you had it going. I have no clue how you got a chute inside of the office, though. And you have a point, by that time I was definitely playing the cop I wasn’t, even though sec never really came to help.

Holodeck, I thought you were being cocky, possibly a result of my anger, and decided on the plan I listed above. In retrospect, you did stay mostly peaceful, and I’m sorry I got over-the-top like that, but the first two times I gave you a lot of chances to de-escalate.

At the end, you had a lot of contraband an assistant should never even see, so you did kinda mess up there. And also, to be fair, I fulfilled my duties as an engi. I got solars going, built a machine for medbay, was there for the xeno fire and I did not ignore those tasks when I could help it.

Okay I am just going to close this because it’s frustrating for several reasons.

  1. You were just warned for targeting this dude in #criticisms. This whole patrol is worded very toxic towards the other player, and it’s no surprise that he blocked you.

  2. You wrote a literal essay here because you are upset. This alone is reason enough to close this.

  3. The most annoying part of this whole thing: I was actively modding during the round in question. At no point was this ahelped, you just decided to get mad and post toxic shit on the discord and then once you were blocked you posted here.

Calm down before posting a griefpatrol next time. Make your griefpatrols short and to the point, and most importantly ahelp next time. It’s much easier for us to deal with these issues when they come up where we can talk to the people involved rather than dig through logs and piece things together that way.