The space-anarchist's cookbook (Ghetto chem guide)

Greetings, I come bearing the cookbook of the all-knowing assistant gods, the ghetto chemistry guide.

Links and sources:

To understand ghetto chemistry, one must first understand traditional chemistry, TG Wiki chemistry page

The ghetto chemistry guide at the TG wiki includes many, but not all, ways to get chemicals without going through the commoner-eluding chemical dispenser. TG Wiki ghetto chem guide

Some chemicals not included in the ghetto chem list may be found in the reagent production section on the plant list, such as sodium. TG Wiki Botony Plant List

As well as missing recipes, the TG wiki ghetto chem guide also lacks a few chem sources:

Ethanol and Universal Enzyme can be produced using a biogenerator found in public botany, botany, perma prison and the gulag. Stick a reagent container into the biogen, grow any plant, stuff the plant into the biogen and press activate to get biopoints spendable on chemicals and items.

Oxygen and Hydrogen can be gotten through Electrolysis, 1u liquid electricity and 5u water results in 3u hydrogen and 1.5u oxygen. Liquid electricity can be gotten through ‘High Power Energy Bars’ found in snack machines or gotten through Ethereals. Ethereal blood is liquid electricity, simply acquiring a syringe is all that is needed for an infinite supply of oxygen and hydrogen. Using electrolysis as/with an ethereal removes the primary cap on creating mass amounts of meth explosion and thermite, oxygen.

Sulphuric Acid can be gotten through making Maint Tar, making a single instance of maint tar results in 3 maint tar and 1 sulphuric acid.

Any chemical that can be gained from the chem dispenser can be gotten from chemists. Using the sacred art of “Roleplay”, chemicals can be obtained. A chef wanting chlorine to “Bleech the monke blood in the kitchen backroom” is much more trustworthy than an assistant asking for sodium with no reason given.


Read the above? Then you should know of the importance of the Chemmaster and grinder. This section will elaborate on the tools needed to become the assistant every HOS fears.

Chemmaster: Typically found in the chemistry lab, varients can be located in the Kitchen backroom, Bar backroom, and botany backroom. All of the above rooms should be found connected to the service hall, the section of maints connecting all the service departments to each other. Use a wrench to unfasten the machine and drag it to your gamer chem lab in some decrepit corner of the station. The variants only change in name and what type of bottles is produced, all retain the same chemical separating function. The names are “Condimaster” found in the kitchen, “Hoochmaster”, found in the bar, and the normal chemmaster in botany.

Grinder: This piece of machinery, used to turn foods and items into delicious and desired chems, can be found near the above chemmasters or the lavaland public kitchen, the virology wing, and possibly others. A very shitty handheld version can be crafted from wood and metal. Craft a mortar from 3 wood and a pestle from 1 metal. Stick an item into the mortar and click the mortar with the pestle to grind it, the chemicals are then transferred to the mortar. The mortar acts as a 100u reagent container.

Chemical heater: While the precise chem heaters are locked away in the chem lab, any lighter can heat containers and the condenser, found in the Vendomat inside the public tool storage, can reduce chem temperatures. This is far from precise, and using these cheap tools with volatile chemicals could result in imminent death when trying to produce things like meth. (I should know, I speak from experience)

The service techfab, located in its own room in the service hall, produces small (50u) and large (100u) beakers, Decal painters and other such fun items. It also allows access to the ore silo, allowing anyone with service access or a welder/wrench to take stacks of metal, glass or plasma.

This is not an all-inclusive list, nor is it trying to be. This is merely recipes that I have made and recorded using the resources above. If you abide by the Chem guide, the Ghetto chem guide, The botany page and the few extra chem sources I listed, you should be able to produce most things.

Reverse medical recipes:

Space drugs:
Lithium - Light fixture batteries, print them from the autolathe, they have 15u lithium in them each, grind 2, 30u lithium for 90u space drugs (If you do not have lathe access, fret not, as you can screwdriver any heater and steal its power cell, they come with 1 each)
Mercury - Analyzers, print them from an autolathe each has 5u mercury, grind 6, 30u mercury for 90 space drugs
Sugar, Ask the bartender or chemist, they will usually agree. 30u sugar for 90u space drugs"
You can make 45u batches as well, 1 battery, 3 analyzers, 15 sugar

Fentanyl can be made from heating space drugs, great sedative. Knocks out in 18 ticks vs the 10 ticks of Choral Hydrate, however, the damage doesn’t keep adding on after 60 toxin and 150 brain damage, so as long as the player doesn’t have 40 brute/burn/oxy damage, they won’t die no matter how long you shove em full of fent.

Iron - Metal, go wrench a table, it ain’t that hard
Aluminium - Crush an empty soda can on your head by targeting head and harm intending yourself with it in hand
Oxygen - Glowsticks, Canned Air or liquid electricity. Glowsticks have 5u each, Canned air has 6u each inside the drink and liquid electricity can be found from 2 places, high power energy bars and ethereal blood, mix 1u liquid electricity with 5u water to make 3u hydrogen and 1.5u oxygen

Meth explosion:
Hydrogen - Glowsticks for 10u or liquid electricity+water for 3u you will need 80u for a 200u meth explosion grenade
Nitrogen - Lightbulbs have 10u each, you will only need 10u (or a single lightbulb) for a 200u meth explosion grenade
Ethanol - Biogenerator, Chemists or bar vender. Chemists are ideal, as it’s quick and they usually will fill your 100u mortar without care, biogens are viable but slow, as you must grow stuff first or break into botany, lastly, bar vender has 3 10u bottles for 200u each, if you have 600c to spare you can nab them. You will need 30u for a 200u meth explosion
Iodine - Toner cartridges have 40u each, get them from airlock painters. Make painters in an autolathe and press z to unload the cartridge. You will need 50u (2 cartridges) for 200u
Phosphorus - Matches have 2u each and come in boxes of 10 at the cig vendors, you will need 50u (25 matches/2 and a half boxes)
The above will result in 200u meth explosion and 10u spare diethylamide keep the diethylamide, iodine, hydrogen and phosphorous in different containers until you want to delete the room and gib anyone in the same tile of the grenade

Medical recipies:

Miners salve (Heals both types of damage, only works by splashing) grind a twinkie, a sheet of metal, and a sheet of plasma

Libital (Heals brute), Grind a lightbulb and a glowstick

Oxandrolone (Heals burn), Grind 3 cig butts and a glowstick

Chem-Cook’s notes:
I made this at 5 am, I apologize for any grammatical/spelling errors and would appreciate feedback. I intend to add more to the recipes section in the future.


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