The voxeline model mega-thread + Flavor Lore


The mech section, Flavor Lore included


"Thanks to the efforts of Cybersun and Gorlex, though Project Shadowed Nemesis, NT’s work on a new generation of Combat Mechs has inadvertently provided the details and specifications needed to create a Modern, well rounded and cost effective Mech for use by our Assault teams.
With design changes made and necessitated by shortcomings in Stolen data and Salvaged instances, along side certain unsatisfactory characteristics inherent to the original design, the CEZTBET is more than a match for NT’s original design. Changes include but are not limited to:

  • Plantigrade, rather than Unguligrade style legs, Greater stability and durability with lower structural complexity.
  • Upper back entrance hatch, rather than opening the front torso to further increase frontal armor effectiveness
  • Improved Survivability, Greater armor coverage, composed of Plasteel rather than plain steel and reenforced chassis.

With these improvements, we strongly believe the CEZTBET to be superior in every way the NT mech the design was derived from and are ready to deploy Units for assault purposes immediately upon request by teams.

- Syndicate CEZTBET announcement/brief.

“After 3 months in active service, the CEZTBET is currently outperforming NT’s Gygax as thoroughly as projected, Regarding Long term use, Cybersun was Correct in that its 2 servos and electrolysis actuated hydraulic system, in the legs and feet respectively of the CEZTBET, would prove more durable and reliable, over the 6 servos in the 3 jointed leg and toes of the Gygax.
We have reason to believe that the design team of the Gygax, in spite of being partially composed of members of the Durand Design team, were not the key contributors to it’s design.
Thanks to the various self-destruct and asset denial systems of the CEZTBET, NT has also not learned of the name of the mech, instead opting to Identify the unit as “DARK GYGAX” due to the stolen design aspects of the CEZTBET.”

- Gorlex Marauders, CEZTBET Tri-monthly equipment report.

Ripley Mk2

“The Ripley Mk2 type 3, an old classic that has received minor upgrades to mundane power systems over it’s longer produced type 2 siblings, making it slightly less massive.
A maintenance hatch has been added to the rear for easy access to original mech from under the Mk 2 upgrade kit, knees have had increased spacing for their exterior plates and the most unique feature of Ripley’s, the adjustable waist, has had the servo-system replaced with a hydraulic partial gimble.”


“It should be noted that the overall handling and characteristics of the Ripley remain the same, the gimble system* is designed to handle downwards force and ONLY downwards force, it’s durability against other acting forces REMAINS low and thusly opperators should refrain from operating in hazardous situations where surfaces with a grade of lower than 2 degrees and heavy objects are likely to hit it.
*(the servo system of the type two models is similarly temperamental in tolarance, but more difficult to repair and maintain, hence the replacement)”

- Ripley Mk1-2 user Manual.


“A fairly recent design that is only half a decade old and some would argue, not entirely matured, The Gygax is an new generation of NT mechs made with lessons learned from the first NT designed combat mech, the Durand, along side the older mechs in service with NT.
The Gygax uses primarily mundane materials in it’s design to facilitate it’s production in less adeptly staffed stations and has greater mobility than the Durand as a per a different approach to increasing survivability. The Gygax is light, Advanced, Cheap and all of that while still looking good.”

- 3d party overview of the Gygax.

“So I’ll say this about our “New assault unit” it’s as god damn fragile as Ripley’s waist gimble, AND it doesn’t even have that temperamental thing!
Sure a non-articulated torso saves cash on Construction, maintenance and repair and lets it open up from the belly all fancy like, BUT by god I’d trade it all for some souped up Ripley anyways!
They say they learned alot after the design of the Durand, but all they learned was how to make a chasis that “modularly” attaches a tissue paper’s worth of over engineered armor!
Anyhow I’m buying a round of beer after we’ve monotonously detached and inspected every half measure of plating that thing has, See you soon.”

- Anonymous technician, regarding Gygax salvaging.

I post a turnable of every model to NG.
I also post some models to the file dump in ZIPs, Links in their descriptions.


This is some really awesome looking stuff. :)

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I love the descriptions of all the mechanics you’ve modeled 10/10 want to read more

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