The worst kind of Warden

Byond Account: LizardRogue

Character Name(s): Booker

Discord Name: FXMaster (Booker)

Round ID: 11721

Griefer Byond account: (???)

Griefer Byond name: Lauryn (???) (Warden)

What happened:
I’m the QM, doing DNA vault, and someone put punji sticks in hallway to security. I spot a warden fucking around in front of the bridge and then he suddenly shoves the CE onto the punji sticks for a laugh. He then steals the bamboo which I wanted for plant DNA so I shove it out of his hands. He tries to arrest me by flashing me, and disabling me through a window which fails, and then he gets a secborg to arrest me instead and starts hitting me in the head with the energy rifle he has. Still out of brig.
Now this is where things get really bad, I get a 3 or 5 minute penalty for “assault on officer” and at this part he starts stealing my fucking gear. My backpack is stolen by him and he now keeps lying to HOS about events that he didn’t arrest me, he wasn’t near me, it’s my fault, and that he hasn’t touched my shit. Too many tickets to ahelp, captain doesn’t give a shit, so I stun him when I’m out because he’s still being a little asshole, I get more beaten and more shit stolen from me. This happens like twice until he lung punches me after two flashbangs and I decide to succumb and go to bed for the night.

Shoutout to the HOS though, he had no power in the situation but knew what a little fuck this warden was.

I’m the CE in question, can confirm this warden was being a huge shitter and got me halfway to crit with punji sticks

Dealt with, thanks for bringing this up!