TheA1ternative's Mentor Application

Byond Account: TheA1ternative
Character Name(s): Victor Vahn, Bitch Magnet 6000, Bitch MiniMagnet, Bitch SuperMagnet, Society
Discord Name: @TheA1ternative#0004
Age: 25
Timezone: Eastern Standard Time* (EST), UTC -5
Active hours: My sleep schedule tends to be a slobbering mess and my waking hours are VERY inconsistent, so sadly I cannot give an accurate answer other than “when I happen to be awake”. I usually am awake during afternoon times.

How long have you played on Fulpstation? Since last year, about a total of 500 hours.

What departments are you able to be a mentor for? Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments?

Silicon: By FAR my favourite dept to work in, I can play as any borg module. I’ve gotten so comfortable with all borg modules that I let the AI players pick what I should go as since I’m in an 8 way tie for all of them. AI I enjoy playing a lot however the role can be stressful so I usually set it on HIGH for a round and put it on NEVER for a few days. pAI most days I have a blast playing because I love seeing what requests people have of me from m

Service: Lawyer and Janitor are my favourites, a couple of moderators are already aware that I’ve been trying to make a lawyer video guide that I’ve put on hiatus multiple times and hope to finish before the end of this year/within a couple months. Lawyer being the first civilian role I ever played gave me a good grasp early on for how security operates/should operate and gave me a lot of insight as to the gray areas they have to work with.

I have a soft spot for new players playing janitors trying to do the best they can. I always try to show them where their janitorial closet is and how to get absorbent galoshes so they don’t piss people off and uninstall the game. My admin remarks reflect this.

Chef is not a huge deal and can be learned by anyone in one round, and on box station it gave me easy way to observe how bartender and botanists operate. Prisoner was also a fun way to learn the basics of botany and most times if I wanna grow things I just play as a prisoner rather than a botanist because of how laid back it is. Clown and mime I dabble in and try to not cause so much hassle to where I’m causing actual harm to players unlike some mimes I’ve recently played with…

Chaplain I just recently picked up for the first time, and I used to riff on how useless the role is to which I now owe all chaplain players out there an apology. If you’re a chaplain main out here reading this? Your role is rather based.

Security: Have decent experience as security officer, detective and deputy with their major role responsibilities. As mentioned before, seeing how they operate as a lawyer helped me a tremendous amount before stepping into them, and I highly recommend new players I play with play the lawyer first before delving into these roles.

I try to actively aim to only do as much harm is needed, not as much as I CAN unless we’re in

Engineering: Have a basic understanding of how to fix apcs, holes in space, solars, general tech and so on. Have a basic understanding of how the SM works but would like to learn more.

Medical: I have a good understanding of how to operate as a medical doctor and surgery procedures. Paramedics used to be a joke but now they have maint access/can ask for more access without hassle so they’ve been a favourite for me to play as. The thrill of saving someones life with only a couple seconds to spare is indeed quite the adrenaline rush. That being said I do still need experience in virology, something that’s always taken up by other players that aren’t willing to give a rundown so I gotta find some time to learn it on my own when there’s downtime.

Research and Development: Have knowledge of how to work with xenobiology, genetics, robotics and general research+development. Would like to learn how to operate toxins and I wanna put some more hours on nanites. I believe I saw a guide on how toxins work by John Willard here so I might check that out and give it a shot.

Command: Just started getting comfortable with command positions namely HoP and RD. Mostly a big scaredy cat with command roles but I’m starting to open myself up to picking them up if they’re available and I don’t have to urgently go.

Antagonists: Have decent experience with all antagonists aside from cult, would like to learn more about how to operate as a founding cult member. I probably just get unlucky there.

I was about to list “all my favourites” but really they all are. The only ones I really dislike playing are founding cult members and changeling. I do wanna play as them more now since I have no longer shitty internet and can no longer blame lag for my faults in play. :slight_smile:

Can’t wait for bloodsucker to make a return though…

What are some things you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp?

Definitely the increase in server population, I found Fulp when I was still fairly new to the game. “Beestation” advertised itself as “new player friendly” but that was very much not the case when I would ask for help in anything other than mentor and be met with everyone in the nearby vicinity telling me “bruh” constantly instead of helping (even for the most mundane and simple of jobs).

Fulpstation would’ve been the 4th or 5th most active server at the time. One of the things that drew me in was indeed the banning of gamerwords. I’m under the firm belief that the game is chaotic enough without being called the nword 17 times in a row. Despite the fact that Fulpstation when I started playing never advertised itself as new player friendly, there were plenty of friendly players that were willing to give me a hand for a brief moment. This was back when we were an LRP server instead of MRP.

But now? We’re averaging as the 1st or 2nd most active server on the byond network. As with the increase in server population we have a lot more people breaking the MRP confines to ask simple basic questions like “how do I do x”, and most times my reply consists of a polite “well I’m not supposed to break character but here is how if you press LMB on this…”

I wanna be able to better answer what new players are asking in regards to the game because I genuinely care for its well being. I’ll still break MRP in the smallest amount to give assistance but I want to also give better assistance via the official methods such as mentorhelp feature ingame and in our discord channel.

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Great player; I’ve had nothing but good experiences with you IC and on the Discord. +1

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Your app has been accepted. Welcome aboard!