Thedonkey123's ban appeal

Byond Account:Thedonkey123
Character Name(s):malachi rhinehart
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):yomama22#3408
Round ID of Ban:Round id 18147

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):Screenshot - 986be1c3d9e30d89dcb9dd0e21049f01 - Gyazo
State your appeal:in this appeal i will talk about my two bans one was a three day and one was permanent first the three day ban: okay so basically i killed a clown as a warden because i was very annoyed and when an admin messaged me i stupidly panicked and left leading to a three day ban and now the permanent ban i was HoS and i died to syndies or revs i forgot so in dead chat again being stupid i chose to spam a hog rider copypasta a few times witch led to the ban. honestly your server is the most fun ss13 sever i have played for a long time i hope you guys can forgive me for my stupidity

                                                 A FURTHER EDIT

ok so i need more explaining when the bans happened, i was played ss13 for the first time a few weeks ago i think so when the bans happened i wasn’t a complete beginner but i was still learning so me being lazy i did not read the rules i did not understand the significance of the things i did so i am sorry for what i have done

Since you are acknowledging you messed up and the spam wasn’t anything sexual or racist, I’ll remove the permanent ban. The 3 day will stay in place though. Please keep in mind that spamming puts stress on the server at the very least and doing it again will result in another permaban.

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