There shouldn't be tips that violate fulp rules


the tips that encourage players to violate the rules should be removed

I don’t see the problem with this

these tips break the rules, an engi got banned for building medical machinery and building emitters down the hall is clearly against the rules

If you’re gonna go for a bannable offense go for the highest offense like why do a pussy ass emitter when you can literally make a fucking black hole and kill everyone NOW THAT’S WASSUP.

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None of these are against the rules in the correct context.

So why were engi banned for building medical equipment then

They were probably building it in engineering or some other inappropriate place.

if you want to code it so we draw from a different .txt file, then promise to maintain all 256 different possible tips to abide by fulp rules, be my guest

so are we allowed to build emitters in the hallway as engi?

Yeah sure if there’s a good reason to do so, like fighting a blob.

but the tip isnt about a good reason its about down the hall

The tip doesnt say Set up an array of emitters pointing down the hall if theres a blob
it just says Set up an array of emitters pointing down the hall

Here’s a tip: Don’t read so far into things.

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