They said they would greentext if they killed me, but I wasn't in the round end objectives

Byond Account: ClearRuby
Character Name(s): Leila Pines
Discord Name: Megi#8388
Round ID: 18525
Date: 12:10am EST 1/22/22
Griefer IC name: Lacida Accurata
Griefer Byond account (if known): ManyBanana

What happened: I was a doctor in medical. They came up to me and started attacking me for no reason as I was trying to start to evac. I had no idea it was a revolutionary round and hadn’t had any interaction with this person. CMO was nowhere in sight. They down me and after I die CMO gets me out of there, they tried to hurt cmo but did no damage and they made it out with my body.

They died shortly after because of oxyloss and said something like “it was so easy to kill you” or something and then something about greentexting.

When it was roundend, I didn’t see anything except them being a revolutionary… I wasn’t even a head? I didn’t do anything to them and I didn’t see a round end objective with my name in it.

looking into

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dealt with, thanks. Also if you feel like youve been illegitimately killed in a round youre more than welcome to ahelp as its way easier to handle that way and we can talk to the person.