Thinking about a new antag pr thread

i have a shit load of free time next week and i’ve kinda been thinking of an antag thats obsessed with “upgrading” carbon life forms (kinda turning people subservient into its army) and this an idea thread for stuff i should do for it; ie: name the antag, features you wanna see in the antag, insults towards me and my family, etc.

i have no coder socks so the code will be bad

i think you could make it similar to vassals in a way, where subservient minions are kind of hard to get but you can upgrade them and give them powers.

yeah im thinking of giving them a look i remember from somewhere but cant place it (where like half the head is beepy bloopy buttons and lights and metal) and the powers for the minions was like the whole point of the thread

im not very creative

synth antag works like ling but uses synthflesh instead of chems idk

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Know what would be cool, and original compared to bloodsucker and in the theme?

That the master and his minions exchange limbs.
Could have special limbs uppgraded that you could be hidden in locker or box or some even better than must always stay on the same member of the antag because they are powerful, if the antag could redirect some head and body damages to its limbs would be pretty cool to share around legs and arms to heal and craft stuff.

maybe maybe

could also be some sort of cult thing, no need for it to be in any theme i just need ideas rn

an idea i have rn is something like having a robo heart that bluespaces life to the robot army people that the antag holds or puts somewhere idk

maybe he could use it in like modification rituals, like if you get 4 of these hearts (get them from converting people into army robots) then you can upgrade your army/yourself

roundstart obsessed called private investigator

i could also make it interact in a way with another good antag sent from centcom to counter it when it gets too strong late game, just poll the centcom antag to ghosts

also i will 100% try to add fluff text when you spawn as the antag that says “Alert: possible organic life form detected. Seek. Isolate. Destroy.”

might name it Synth Maker or something

When are you gonna make a PR?

i tihnk you should call it technophile chaplain :D

I’m not sure how up you are for suggestions, but perhaps a smaller project would be better to cut your teeth on? If you’re interested in antags, I know admins have already discussed porting over midround infiltraitors from the old repo if it’s not done in the super OP way it was originally made.

I’d also highly recommend running a fully fleshed out plan past maintainers/admins before starting since it’d suck to get a ton of work done and the PR closed for balance issues.

Make an ancient assistant that spawn in maints fully loaded with makeshift weaponry, toolbelt full of tools and insulated glove
Also equipped with the ancient jumpsuit, their objective should be a theft or hack open several airlock or something greytide

this is very true, usually writing a document with your design theory to contain the scope of the project could help… im down to do any spriting if you need but i want to know how committed you are first, also making a few small QOL or fix prs first could help get you familiar with using git and whatnot


Making an antag requires plenty of work and it’s best if you get your ideas straight right now with a hackmd. That way you can know where to start and what to do.
Also making an antag requires a lot of effort (balance, gimmick, objectives, power level, etc), and for a first-time contributor it’d prove highly tedious.

You should find an easier project for a better coding experience, tbh. After enough knowledge you should be able to make your idea flow and code it.

yeah rn this thread is just for ideas about what i want the antag to have, im probably gonna shelf the idea until i get better at codering

This would be really cool for robo players or cyber chaplains as like a role specific item they can select.

Like an machine board where you put someone in a microwave for 2 minutes and they come out full cyborg

Perhaps rip the MALF AI cyborger machine for a basis of the code…?

I get cyberman from dr who vibes. Such antag could aug people and make them his vassals.

i got an idea its called internal aff

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