Thread about IAA contractor kit

its against the rules

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IAA and EAA share the same code, and share the same uplink with traitors. It can also be metagamed “Look at my uplink, no contractor kit available to be bought, that means Im IAA”.

Not only will this change be hard to make, near-impossible if modular, but it’s pointless, as it is already against our rules.
Due to possible metagaming and modularization issues, I believe this is not a direction we wish to take.
As a TG headcoder once said: “Why do people instantly rush to coders to change the code to fix their IC problems instead of using it as a last resort”

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I was just joking about getting instantly banned, but it’s better than the admins having to manually ban you. I guess since they cant change the code of the traitor uplink they could at least at some sort of a warning message when you play as IAA that you aren’t allowed to buy explosives or contract.

I don’t get what you’re saying. Shouldn’t the game generally be trying to move away from administrative rules and towards gameplay ones? Why would you want to have administrative rules instead of actual code, that doesn’t make any sense. We SHOULD be rushing towards code to solve problems instead of to the admins. Nobody wants to get banned just because they didn’t read some obscure rule that says IAA aren’t allowed to buy contractor kits. It’s not even in the rules I just found it on some random screenshot. Fixing the game with code and mechanics is much better than using admins. Seriously, I have no idea how getting banned for buying something in your uplink that you weren’t allowed to buy is better than just not being able to buy it.

If they didn’t read the rules it’s kinda on them my guy

We have more Staff than we do Coder Contributors, and maintaining code is harder than maintaining a rule, as you only have to write a rule once, you have to solve a merge conflict every time a change happens in the file, and there isnt a guarantee that whoever wrote the code will still be around to fix it again. This is why we ditched TheSwain/Fulpstation and moved to Fulpstation/Fulpstation: Too much code leaked out of fulp module files and into TG files, causing us to be unable to keep up.

It’s common sense that a Nanotrasen worker is not allowed to kidnap Nanotrasen employees to ransom them for Nanotrasen money and help Nanotrasen secret information get into the hands of the Syndicate.

The rule is from our Previous Admin Rulings page. This type of page isnt unique to us, TG has one too.

Would you also apply this to Chaplains buying His Grace? Are Chaplains able to buy His Grace and murderbone with 2 Theft objectives?

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they should add a warning there that says Don’t buy contractor kit or explosives

“unneeded property damage or loss of employee life”

This is different, because antags are allowed to buy contractor kit even if isn’t relevant to their objectives.

contractor kit does neither of those

How is this different? Chaplain cant buy His Grace without the objective to murderbone, Nanotrasen employees cant buy Contractor Kit without being an EAA (Syndicate Agent)

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  • John Willard, Contributor at FulpStation.

Today I will send my fellow coworkers to the syndicate as a nanotrasen employee

Hello, this is Likteer from Fulpstation.
I’d like to point out that one, harder to metagame option, is lower TC count or the uplink implant regardless of the menu preferences.
But to be honest, although the problems are highly memable, this doesn’t really occur that often/on a large scale.

They did my guy, you posted a screenshot of it, if you don’t read the rules you’re opening yourself to a lot of risks

I can understand missing that very specific rule as it’s quite tucked away, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read the rules though. However, why would a NT agent sell NT employees to the Syndicate, leaking NT secrets and costing NT money to buy the employees back? It makes no sense IC.