Tichroy's Ban Appeal Unfair Instant Perma Ban

Byond Account: Tichroy
Character Name(s): Shart Clunted
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Salad#2190
Round ID of Ban: ID 20432

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): The ban reason is: Core 2 - confirmed metacommas
Confirmed metacomms with PlayerMatu
This ban (BanID #29741)
State your appeal:

I received an instant permaban without explanation or warning after sending 3 Ahelp messages, asking why a friend of mine got a permaban, for what little information I knew, it only seemed a minor offense. The reason given for my ban was confirmed meta comms, however I had only communicated with the admin about the issue, while only recently having joined the round to play with my friend who I then could not find, so he informed me in a message outside of the game that he was banned.

In Ahelp, I began by asking why my friend had been banned, to which I was asked by the admin if he informed me in occ, which due to his ban was in fact the only way he could communicate with me, so I replied truthfully yes. I was then met with the abrupt message “Nice, a 2 for 1”, To which I replied what. I then saw I had received a permaban.

Now I do not know why my friend is banned and this appeal is for myself, however I can say a permaban for asking a question to an admin about an issue I had seems highly unfair. Not to mention the limited communication I had did not give me any form of advantage nor did speaking to an admin about it help in anyway; nevertheless if being informed someone is banned is severe metacommunication, is it really deserving of a permanent ban without any prior warning?

Thank you for reading, please consider my appeal.

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I’ll accept this, but please don’t ahelp about other players’ bans in the future. We only accept appeals from the banned player and there’s no need for others to be involved. I’ll be placing a watchlist on your account to be sure there is no metacomming with your friend, if they do choose to make an appeal and wish to play again.

Also, you need to change your name from “Shart Clunted” to something more rp-friendly.