Tider chefs just kill me for zero reason

Byond Account:MentalDecayed

Character Name(s):Cremora Lutenesca

Discord Name:MentalDecayed#6355

Round ID:11425

Griefer Byond account:

Griefer Byond name:Chum-father, shweep binkus Jimmithon Jones

What happened: Killed me with zero prompting and multiple bodies of mine died because of their shittery. i missed the shuttle, nobody could rescue me. they were arrested for murder earlier which i wouldn’t doubt they did, but that would be in logs and i simply dont know. NONE of them were antags. jimmithon Jones was monkey bombing he too was involved in my death

Hey, this need to be a grief patrol. I can’t tag it for you, though. I did flag it so hopefully it can be moved to the right home.

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Moved it. Thanks!

I’ve looked into this thank you for the report!