Tom F Hardy Ban for Meth machine

This guy is insane. He’s left comments on my profile calling me an antisemite and claiming that I’ve sexually assaulted players. I have no idea who he is or what he’s talking about but he constantly is trying to PM me asking me “care to explain this?” looking for reasons to ban me. It’s not fun to player on this server because of him and I actively avoid it when I can. He formally cites having friends and encouraging people to learn on Fulp as points against me.

Admin PM from-Tom F Hardy: is there a reason you’re making meth machines in the hallway and attacking those who try to dissasemble it?
Click on the administrator’s name to reply.
PM to-Admins: I didn’t attack anyone.
PM to-Admins: Wasn’t even my machine, I just hooked it up.
Admin PM from-Tom F Hardy: why did you continue to activate it then?
PM to-Admins: because I wanted it on
Admin PM from-Tom F Hardy: so you’re just as guilty then
PM to-Admins: sure. It had mannitol so no one would be damaged by it.
Admin PM from-Tom F Hardy: you still can’t unwillingly drug people as a nonantag chemist
PM to-Admins: okay. i only play on this server because my friend cannot play /tg/ as a new player.
PM to-Admins: you in particular called me a nazi in ooc comments when I am jewish
PM to-Admins: I would never play on this server again.
Admin PM from-Tom F Hardy: I don’t care if you’re jewish, but I never called you a nazi. I might have told you to chill out with the antisemetic jokes or something, but that’s because they violate our hate speech policy. You’ve been warned once about drugging people like this. Take three days off and if you really hate it so much, don’t come back.
PM to-Admins: You’re going to ban me for 3 days because I used someone else’s smoke machine to dispense a safe, non-damaging dosage in a hallway because I did something else similar in 2019.
PM to-Admins: I don’t know what you get out of characterizing people as antisemites and kicking players out for stupid shit like this because you’re very hard to deal with.
Admin PM from-Tom F Hardy: and the admin interactions. You yourself said you hate this server. Why are you here?
PM to-Admins: /tg/ is too hard for new players.
PM to-Admins: I tried playing there with my friend but she’s having a hard time.
PM to-Admins: Just trying to kill time with friends. There were 3 other people in chemlab.
PM to-Admins: And what am I supposed to say? sorry sir! sorry! didn’t mean to have fun! sorry!!
Admin PM from-Tom F Hardy: your friend is welcome to stay and learn, however this sounds like you’ve been metacomming which is against our rules.
PM to-Admins: pwease sir no bannies :((( at your mercy sir :((( i love you and fulp!!
PM to-Admins: by having friends?? I can’t have friends?
PM to-Admins: she’s on the bed behind me you fucking weirdo
Admin PM from-Tom F Hardy: alright, I’m done talking to you. Goodbye.
You have been sent to Prison!
PM to-Admins: Here’s the rules on Fulp. No jokes, no fun, no friends.
PM to-Admins: Always love the admin, never be mean to admin.
You have been banned by Tom F Hardy from the server.
Reason: Round 9170 - Core 2). Malicious acts, Admin interactions 0). Aggressive behavior towards admins. You made a chem factory that gave people meth smoke. Then when ahelped about it, you were extremely confrontational and talked about how much you hated fulp and our admins. If you really hate it so much, don’t come back but if you’re willing to actually behave, you’re fine to return in 3 days.
This ban is temporary, it will be removed in 3 days. The round ID is 9170.
To appeal this ban go to


Denied this both not the right format and say logs/game logs are very damming for you case.