Training Fulp Videos

Other than Tuyi what are some good fulp/tgstation tubers that will help me get good at certain roles and antags (without griefing and other illegal antag stuff)

Videos aren’t a great place to learn for the most part since /tg/ code is constantly shifting and changing, and most tutorial videos become slightly or completely outdated within a few weeks to a few months depending on the direction of the codebase.

Tuyi and John Willard have great tutorial videos but they are likely outdated and you’re better off looking up generic /tg/station tutorials since they have a significantly larger playerbase and we share the same codebase as them

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So where is a food place to find the knowledge? Perhaps /tg/station’s wiki and “how to do stuff”?

What kind of video tutorials would you like exactly?
What roles or topics?

I actually tend to be more general about it, but it would include antags as well