Traitor doing objectives he doen't have, Massively over the top force and failing is objectives he did have

Byond Account: Nintyuk
Character Name(s): * Professor Bright Sparks
Discord Name: Nintyuk
Round ID: 24191
Date: 21/01/2023
Griefer IC name: Cooper Sauter
Griefer Byond account (if known): Max1353

What happened: Traitor Teleported in to my office while I was in a menu 2mins before Evac arrived and Decapitated me to get to Ian. And he didn’t even have Kill Ian as a objective.

Tried to Ahelp but round had ended by the time I thought to do it

Secondary objectives exist. Are you sure they didn’t get the kill Ian objective on their uplink? That wouldn’t show up in the end-round screen anymore (unless it’s been very recently changed).

the point still stands that he decapitated me when he just needed to kill ian. He could of stopped once I was in crit and still had the same result for him

to be fair if you had ian in your backpack you were kinda being a jerk, while against the rules i personally wouldn’t blame him

Ian was under my arm. That’s why he even knew Ian was there.
Edit: Basically soon as I was knocked down Ian was free

sometimes objectives that do not get completed do not show up on end round

but he did indeed have kill ian objective. thanks for the report tho!