Traitor Item Idea - Syndicate Mindshield Implant

The title gives you everything that you need to know. It’s pretty simple. Overall it’s very hard to get sneaky sec officer impersonations because of the mindshield issue. Well, a syndicate item whose cost can ranged from 2 - 3 TC can just… give you the mindshield status. Isn’t that just useful? It opens new gameplay opportunities. And it’s simple and easy. Maybe have the mindshield be packaged in a cool red syndicate emblem or something.

this is uuhh… this is the wrong category for suggestions. It should probably be in feature suggestions

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Yeah this isn’t a grief patrol… I moved it to the correct category

Oops I thought I posted it in the correct channel, but it somehow ended up in grief patrol.

It should probably cost way more than that, it’d take a chameleon kit, agent ID and a mindshield (all low tc) to perfectly impersonate an officer. I do like the idea but it’d be really strong if security’s brains aren’t warmed up.

im a security main so i could be biased but im not sure if i like this idea, Most of the time security tends to be a disorganized mess so it would be indeed very easy for syndicates to disguise themselves as sec if we gonna be practical here

And personally my biggest concern is RP atm not gameplay opportunities.

cool idea but you can get a mindshield implant for 0tc with just a spear coffee and a firesuit. Hos locker always has a box of mindshield implants and if you don’t get shocked by the grille then it’s all yours.

For most traitors that’s a bit too risky

if it were this easy, everyone would do it. AgentID’s trim changing ability is insanely strong already as it hides warrants, changes how sechuds see you and prevents the AI from tracking you. Mindshield implants are also only locked behind sec officer access so you could get them pretty easy by breaking into the HOS office after youve killed/crit/robbed an officer to do this, imo the risk/reward is better that way.