Traitor mime gets converted to blood brother and kills their blood brother for 2tc

Byond Account:
Character Name(s): Montague Batten
Discord Name: maninblack
Round ID: 30732
Griefer IC name: Xing Li
Griefer Byond account (if known): AScientist

What happened: Throughout the round. I have been helping the traitor mime that I converted to my blood brother complete secondary missions, even letting them inject me with a experimental chemical and brainwash me.

Around one of the times we were in the bar he signaled a killing motion to me while also signaling someone else walking down the hall. I asked them if they needed to kill the person in captain gear who rushed the spare and they nodded.

A little bit later when we see said person fighting two other scientists I decided to follow up on my blood brother’s request and tried to disabler the person posing as the captain. The person pulls out a desword to deflect the shots and begins attacking people. I lose the mime and find them in medical a little later, glad that they didn’t get killed.

We make our way to cargo to do another one of their secondary objectives. We complete it, they get their reward and select a new objective. They then emote having a sad expression on their face before rapidly beating me to death with gloves of the north star while I was typing out a response. As they are collecting their reward the spare wielding traitor from before comes in and kills them.

I then learn later in deadchat that they didn’t actually need them dead for an objective but they just wanted the stuff that they had. I probably would’ve agreed to them killing me anyway but people were saying that I should grief report this since group objectives take priority over solo objectives and they were irked by their words “2tc is 2tc.”

I apologize if I got anything wrong. It’s been a few days since this all happened and I’m just going off of memory here. No hard feelings to AScientist, just fulfilling the wishes of the people.

this has been handled thanks for the report