Traitor Nuclear Operative

Hey there. So I think that there should be a traitor that has the SAME objective as a nuclear operative on nukie rounds. They would be unable to buy armor or anything, and would be mostly reliant on being robust and stealthy during nukie rounds, taking sec shotguns and gear- and eventually betraying the crew and sabotaging behind lines, weakening the back lines whilst a forward assault happens by the nukies. seems like a fun idea of having to always be untrustworthy of your fellow crewmates whilst also having difficulties with the forwards assault, making it much more difficult for crewmates to just surround the captain with every gun to ever exist, and instead searching backlines so they aren’t executed at the last minute.


Alternatively, an expensive nukie item which awakens nuclear sleeper agents on the station. This will gives a random person traitor with the fixed objectives of blowing up the station, maybe escaping too (with limited TC and normal uplink).

It would 1. Make security double think just opening up the armoury to everyone and 2. Stop so many people killing themselves after war announcement trying to antag roll.

The drawback is that the operatives don’t get the red T next to them so the crew can potentially mess with them.


THIS. this is perfect.

If they get an uplink with tc it would be smart to buy the headset and the agent id card to solve that drawback

That’s why I think limited TC (or maybe the nukie donates their own TC to the uplink) would be good. It means you have to make the choice: things that will help you communicate with nukies or things that will help you kill/reach/find the captain etc.

This is a great idea

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hey nice idea if only it was already in the gam-


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