Traitor robo orders borgs to kill nontarget

Byond Account: Mandsen
Character Name(s): Ebb Riftari
Discord Name: Ebb
Round ID: 19542
Date: 30 march, 2022
Griefer IC name: Julien Das Bierholme
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened: got killed at the shuttle with a fireaxe by the ling even though they had no objective to kill. I never attacked them, thought they had me as objective so i didn’t ahelp it. They might have done more than this so i thought i’d be a good idea to patrol it. The only time i saw them outside the shuttle was when i was carrying a dead soulless body in maint (with no head) for my objective so that might be a reason they did it if it was their antag friend or somthing but im not sure.

(edit: ling was helping a robo named Julien das bierholme who didn’t have the objective to kill me, so the ling isn’t at fault. Pretty sure the robo didn’t have a valid reason to kill me since i don’t remember interacting with them at all.)

Hi, I was the ling that killed you (as Jeri Otis but wearing Captain’s ID, which is likely why you thought it was the Mime). I killed you because Julien Das Bierholme, a Traitor Roboticist, was talking to their emagged borgs on the shuttle and told them they needed you dead, and specifically to kill you. I offered to help and they said to feel free to, so I did.

I didn’t know they didn’t have the objective to kill you, I assumed they did as that’s what they were saying.

oh that makes more sense, now it bounces back to the robo. I’ll edit the names.

I’ve looked over it, thanks.