Trey Auman - shitsec behaviour

Byond Account: Sciamach
Character Name(s): Maggie Smith
Discord Name: Sciira
Round ID: 9290
Griefer Byond account: ???
Griefer Byond name: Trey Auman
What happened:

Shitsec officer Trey Auman was under the effects of a disease that was causing him to regularly seize up and drop things.

I was playing my gloriously wonderful sounding piano in the hallway when he approached and tried to order me to stop. I ignore him - playing music is not a violation of spacelaw. He proceeded to chase me around for a few until we arrived in a very crowded medical. Trey then walked out of medical having dropped his disabler due to the aforementioned illness. Not knowing who it belonged to, I picked it up and started making my way for the door to return it to SEC(under the effects of major lag by the way), and was then accosted by him harmbatoning me several times. He then seized again as we left leaving his baton on the ground in the hallway in front of medical.

When we got to Sec and the local warden and engiborg started righting the situation by asking what happened, he opened fire on myself and the engiborg with his disabler.

An adminhelp in-game was submitted but I received no reply, hence this post.

Taken care of.