Trigger-happy detective gets me executed for self defense

Byond Account: OperativeLyn
Character Name(s): Natalia Hunt
Discord Name: OperativeLyn#7777
Round ID: 19408
Date: March 3rd 2022 | 3/3/2022
Griefer IC name: Papillio Marcaino (Detective), Danno Davison (Warden)
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened:
I was at the chapel, chilling, then the moth detective comes in and starts smashing my bookcases with a fire axe, so I take the axe from him so he’d stop breaking my stuff, while the captain asks me to cremate a body. I do cremate the body, then the detective and warden come in and demand me to give back the axe, I throw it back at them, then the detective freaks out and starts shooting me (???), he drops his gun on the floor, I take it and then he starts screaming that I have his gun, I give it back at him and he SHOOTS ME AGAIN WITH IT. I was almost crit so I retaliated by critting him with my sword, the warden and HoS who were there the whole time did nothing to stop the detective, and as soon as I crit the det, they came in and gunned me down with a laser gun, leaving my corpse to rot in the chapel office. They didn’t even bother coming back to get me revived, they only took the detective to medbay.

I obviously ahelped this in round, but there were no admins on, as John just logged out. Thanks for reading.

I was the HOS. You took his gun, threw the fireaxe at the detective twice in a row and set him on fire. The warden and I couldn’t do anything as we were standing outside of the chapel office and didn’t have access to the door. I would have intervened if I could but from our point of view you were the one to initiate the fight and you made ZERO attempts at de-escalating the situation as you kept stabbing the detective with your sword while they were in critical, killing them in the process.

I did come back for your corpse later and asked the AI to open the door to your office so I could retrieve your body but didn’t receive an answer, so I left you there as I had bigger fish to fry.

Extremely dishonest grief report.

I threw his gun back at him, and he kept shooting, hence why I attacked him, I tried de-escalating by throwing back his gun.
EDIT: I even started question marking when he fucking shot me. None of you cared. And you still haven’t acknowledged the fact that you left my corpse to rot instead of bringing me to med and then jail me.
Also, about the setting on fire part, he walked to me while I was on fire, not my fault.

I did come back for your corpse later and asked the AI to open the door to your office so I could retrieve your body but didn’t receive an answer, so I left you there as I had bigger fish to fry.

I acknowledged it here. I did have bigger fish to fry, so retrieving the body of a Chaplain who threw a fireaxe twice at my Detective for seemingly no reason before stabbing them to death as they were in crit was not at the top of my priority list.

I’ll admit the Detective was reckless and unprofessional and I’m still not sure what his problem with the gun was or how you managed to get your hands on it but neither me nor the Warden are at fault here.

I tried de-escalating by throwing back his gun.

Stabbing them to death with your Chaplain sword as they were in crit doesn’t sound like an attempt at de-escalation to me.
You could’ve opened the door to let us in and break up the fight but you ignored us and went on to stab the detective at the very end of your office, behind the fucking desk, because you chased him there.

All in all I don’t really see the point of this grief patrol tbh. You two over-escalated and had a fight, which you won. We ended up shooting you because you kept stabbing them as we walked into your office.

Now I’ll also admit the situation was not handled perfectly and my memories are blurry, but I saw you murder my detective during a round with very understaffed security (so understaffed, in fact, that the Detective and the Warden were the only security personnel available, if I remember correctly). That was enough reason to prioritise his body over yours.
I nevertheless came back five minutes later or so to retrieve your body and the AI was still taking a frustratingly long time to respond so I left it at that in the hope that a paramedic would take care of you. That didn’t happen, and I’m sorry, but I don’t see how this is my fault or the warden’s. From our point of view, you started a fight, refused to de-escalate it when you could’ve and murdered one of ours when we were understaffed.

My bad, I didn’t read the first part right, it isn’t really your fault but my point still stands, a detective shouldn’t open fire at someone just because they threw an item at them when they DEMANDED me to give it back. Why did they even have a fireaxe in the first place? Warden had the sword from the other chaplain too???
Even the captain was present for a moment, I don’t see the need of the detective to shoot at me when there were 3 people total that were capable of using non-lethal means of detaining me. Stabbing him while he was crit was my bad, I will admit I was pretty nervous since he had LETHALS. And you weren’t even saying anything about them shooting me, I even recall telling them to stop and asking what were they doing.

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I will remove the HoS from the grief patrol, but I’ll keep the warden since multiple people were complaining about him in dchat, and he had a stolen weapon on them.

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Hmm on hindsight I think you’re right. The detective shouldn’t have shot you and the Warden shouldn’t have been carrying a sword either. I didn’t say anything about it because I thought it’d come in handy given how understaffed we were, but I realise now that giving that much power to an overzealous Warden was a mistake.
I’ll also admit my bias here and say I tend to be overly protective of security personnel. I often prioritize them over the rest of the crew, which can be a problem in certain situations (like this one).

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I’ve looked over the logs, thanks for reporting it. Dealt with.