Tristrian's Mentor App (Aka Svetlana and others)

Byond Account: McOnchePonche
Character Name(s):

  • Terrence Trevia
  • Svetlana Andrei
  • Moth-Eater
  • Katsu Miniku
  • And others alternative names.

Discord Name: Tristrian#5000
Age: 23
Timezone: UTC+01:00
Active hours:

  • On Week : Mostly Evening and night. Sometimes afternnoon
  • Week-end : Flexible all day depending on IRL activities

How long have you played on Fulpstation?

I joined Fulpstation in July 2019 following the video from Sseth. I played until October 2019, taking a long break until August this year again. Following the Discord bot, I have 450 hours in total.

What departments are you able to be a mentor for? Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments?

  • Service : I mainly play as Bartender or Cook. They are easy roles to introduce with items interaction. I can also help on the rest of the roles, considering they are most likely to be RP roles and game mechanics are easy to explain.

  • Supply : I have a preference for Mining since I have very few hours on Cargo despite knowing a bit on it. I can explain the basics of Mining, how to upgrade and how to survive on this hellish wasteland.

  • Medical : Medical Doctor and Paramedic are alright. I can explain surgeries and medecine. I have less knowledge for Chemistry and Viro, but I know how to start. Plumbing altough I never did it.

  • Science : I know a bit of everything inside, but I don’t master it either.

  • Security : Space law isn’t a problem for small infractions. I can also explain security gear and how procedures works in security and how to deal with “most” of antagonists.

  • Engineering : My least played role. Don’t trust on me for that department. I only know basic constructions and setting up solars.

  • Command : I mostly play RD, HoP and HoS. I can introduce new players to the basics of their role and which responsabilities they have.

  • Antagonists : I have very little playtime on antagonists. Most of my knowledge comes from the Wiki.

What are some things you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp?
There is sometimes a lack of “safety/privacy” to help new players onboard. Sometimes, new players come in, trying to figure out how to play or how to learn their roles, asking for help. But sometimes too, these rounds are busy with an emergency, or the others players are busy with dealing with something else. For example when I’m bartending, sometimes I have to deal with griefers or customers, halting the training to other players.

Maybe the Mentor Button should have more exposure, or maybe we should have “safe training rooms” for which a mentor and a player could droppod inside. (I also find this idea appealing to be delivered in a drop pod)

Also, I notice the lack of general roleplay sometimes, despite being MRP. But I can’t enforce it. I try to keep most of OOC terms into IC. For example :

  • Server rules = Employement contract
  • Ahelping = Emergency report at Centcom.
  • Googling a ss13 wiki article = Read the guide book.

Further notes on myself
I enjoy RP a lot, and I would prefer Roleplay over Gameplay if possible. Sometimes it’s not easy when we have 100 players on average, since the game can run very fast with a lot of people.
I also speak French and Portuguese if needed. But unlike France, I have Tobleronne there and we don’t stay four twenty.

And I definitively wasn’t bullied to apply. I swear.

Thanks for your attention !

Kind regards,



Finally the player who invented medibot meta decided to join red tide.

Great player with whom every spent minute, when encountered in-game, is enjoyable. This crazy lad can’t walk past new player when he notices one!

nice and helpful player +1

This application has been accepted. Welcome to the team!

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