Two Cargo Techs looting Security

Byond Account: JRDead
Character Name(s): Joaquín Rojas
Discord Name: fluctlightt
Round ID: 27781
Date: 25/08/2023 (DD/MM/YYYY)
Griefer IC name: Skibidi Muhammed; Horst Wessel
Griefer Byond account (if known): not known.

What happened:

I was a Security Officer returning to the Brig after fighting a Blob to return the weapons that were used. After arriving at the Brig, I noticed the airlock leading to the armory was on emergency access, and there was no other active threat as far as I was aware, so I asked the Captain via radio to turn it off. Meanwhile, I stored two weapons in a locker, and headed to the Armory’s airlock to guard it. Then, these two people mentioned above came in and it seemed they wanted in. I noticed one of them had the reflective coat, so I tried taking it off, and when he moved I tried using my baton on them. His friend responded by shoving me and taking my baton, and so a harmless fight started.
The fight escalates and eventually they managed to stun and cuff me, then headed to maintenance, took all my stuff and then went back to the brig to throw me into perma.

Time after, a scientist got shoved into perma, and another officer as well (and this last one got looted too).

Round ended and I checked the round end report, but none of them seemed to be an Antagonist.
It is true that I should have said something before batoning the guy with the reflective coat, but I don’t believe their response was great either, since I ended up getting looted.

T.Hanks for the report! Both of these accounts have been perma banned due to unrelated matters!