Two Cargo Techs, One Shaft Miner

Byond Account:Bellymaster
Character Name(s):Girth Brooks
Discord Name:gland#5398
Round ID:12703
Griefer Byond account:
Griefer Byond name:Alyessa Ray, Ethan Robertson
What happened:I transferred to mining at roundstart, from science. I then went to the cargo lathes to stock up on supplies. They demand that I leave, while they were beating another player in to crit. I refuse, and call for security. They dislocate my leg, then proceed to drag me out while accusing me of being a "greytider". These players did not even attempt to RP, they immediatly assaulted me on the grounds of being a "raider" while I was attempting to fabricate a plasmacutter and insert glass in to the techfabs.

I was a paramedic that went over there after seeing someone dying there, what i saw was girth close to crit with a dislocated leg and them shoving him trying to push him out.
The reason they did this was because if you shift clicked him it would say he was a scientist because he didn’t update his PDA, i updated if for him and even then the QM was trying to steal his PDA and was a dick to him the rest of the shift.

Taken care of!