Two interns, 4 bombs

Byond Account: Banement
Character Name(s): XC
Discord Name: Banement#0666
Round ID: 22661
Griefer IC name: Misha Azovskiy, Hugo Zalack
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened:
Medical got radbombed, so as a janiborg I went to go clean it up. Afterwards, I went to the bar to clean up the glitter bomb a clown had thrown, then Hugo ran in and threw a rad bomb. Unfortunately for him it did failed, not sure why. Either way, intern chemist tossing grenades.

Later, I went to go clean a heretic rune in maints that a doctor told me about. Went to medical, and then suddenly it fucking exploded. Someone said Misha Azovskiy, a scientist, bombed it. He then went on to bomb the holodeck and possibly science too. I don’t know if he was an intern or not since his ID got blown up in the holodeck. I’m not sure if Misha was actually involved or not, though.

Neither were on the end of round report screen.

Hugo Zalack:


This has been handled, thank you for the report!