Two people being naughty hackers

Byond Account: Mxsterisk
Character Name(s): Ethan Morgan
Discord Name: Tet14(Ethan Morgan)#0168
Round ID:10889
Griefer Byond Account: Unknown
Griefer Byond Name: Jeffrey Magor and Natalie and a unknown person

What Happened: I just joined the round and went to cargo to get a wrench, I walk in to see these at the autolathe, I go to use it and they start hacking it. They mentioned ammo and were talking about it. When they finished hacking it they went onto the ammo page and printed some. Said they ‘Were making a example’ Something along that line. Don’t know what they used the ammo for as well.

Later on in the round as the emergency shuttle arrived someone used the hand teleporter or some teleport item to make teleports at the shuttle doors leading into space. This got me killed but I have no idea who it was.

Edit: Forgot to add in screenshots

All taken care of thank you for reporting this!