Two secoffs almost offed me in shuttle

Byond Account: Akride
Character Name(s): Luck Nepal (Me), Callie Digson (Sec 1), Rick Jones (Sec 2)
Discord Name: bbqsauceontitties (it’s in gothic tho)
Round ID: 14666 ?
Griefer Byond account: Unknown
Griefer Byond name: Unknown
What happened:Callie Digson and Rick Jones started assaulting me in shuttle custody after we beat down the ascended heretic. They shot me with lethals and kept me down for a good 30 seconds. I would have 100% died if not for the nanites. They almsot spaced me, then nearly guillotined me. Some people kept taking me off guillotine thankfuly. Just why. Was it because I was an unknown ? (Since my ID was in my tablet ? But still, a secoff wouldn’t shoot lethals at a RD hardsuit first… unless they are shitsec. Which, according to everyone that shift, was the case.)

This has been taken care of.