Tyrrano's Moderator application - Because perma-mentor isn't as helpful to you guys as it could be

Byond username: Tyrrano
Discord name:Tyrrano#2315
Join date: April 20, 2020
Hours you’ve been on the server: 627.2 Hours
When are you online or available to get on: Honestly? It’s random. I have 6 kids, so I get on when I can. Often for 2-3 hours in a day, ranging from midday (Eastern) to late night.
How long have you been a mentor? (Note: only current mentors are eligible to apply for mod): Since December 12, 2020
Do you have prior experience being a moderator: I am server owner of a D&D server where I have written the rules with input from my staff. So, effectively?
What is something you feel you do well: I tend to do my best to remain neutral on a situation. And I try to know when to step back.
What is something you wish to change: Honestly? I don’t know what I’d change for certain. Maybe institute and area or hallway to avoid EORG, and make the Shuttle grief perhaps a bit stricter on punishments, because those last-minute round ruinings are almost impossible to recover, and antags should not lose their green-text over a griefer on the shuttle.


I +1 because anytime I’ve seen this person they’ve always had a level headed and mature perspective, and err on the side of caution in difficult situations. Also very polite. All good and desirable characteristics in a moderator in my opinion.

Also with 6 kids they already have a ton of experience with handling people misbehaving…

Honestly, one of the nicer people ive met, havent interacted with them a whole lot but every time i see them its good +1


Very mature and helpful person, includes tons of details in ahelps and definitely fit for the job, +1

Accepted, welcome to the mod team!