Ultimate Shed Escape Attempt #1

Byond Account: Unstagrav
Character Name(s): Unstagrav
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): π–€π–“π–˜π–™π–†π–Œπ–—π–†π–›#7229
Round ID of Ban: N/a

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): Super Shed
State your appeal:

Good evening y’all,

I humbly request to exit the turbo shed. I have learned there are target audiences for different kinds of humor; and Wind, I understand now you don’t like being the subject, or the target audience, particularly at the same time. I apologize for hurting your feelings.

Additionally I would like to extend an olive branch to you with the following gift. You can frame it, hang it on the fridge, use it as an Olympic discus, delete it, or perhaps even loathe it in a state of deep brooding. The possibilities are endless, and I look forward to finding out what you do with it while I’m a permanent resident of the giga shed.






Q1: What is that strange yellow anomaly in the attachment of this forsaken appeal Unstagrav?

A1: That is a thumbs-up that I drew on my phone. I was going for this: :+1: and it was much harder than it looks.

Q2: What is your favorite flavor of ice-cream?

A2: Cherry Garcia its got the right balance of chocolate chunks and cherries in such that it doesn’t overwhelm the vanilla base. It’s was a fan based ice cream on musician Jerry Garcia from Grateful Dead and it was so popular Ben and Jerry kept it.

Q3: How much can you currently dead-lift?

A3: 425 pounds but I’m not sure what that has to do with my ban appeal.

Q4: yeah, heres my question. -break- did you know 10 million hamsters die every year -break- and what are your thoughts on that?

A4: well honestly, im quite irrittated. if we had that many hamsters in the first place we could finally defeat the sun by launching the ball of 10 million hamsters at it. -break- or uh keep them as pets too.

Q5: what’s your forum password?

A5: It’s imaginemoresnacksthanyoucanimagine

Q6: what’s your bench and how much do you weigh?

A6: my bench is currently 2pl8+30 or 255 lbs. I weigh 192 as of yesterday; and thank you for the compliment that was nice.

Q7: Ice cream is cool snort and all but what is your favorite pizza toppings???

A7: honestly man, this question makes me the most uncomfortable I’ve been in a while, because pizza toppings have been a precursor and a foreshadow to every major conflict or ignition point in my history of 24 years. But I know honesty is what it takes… its supreme. All. The. Toppings. (particularly pineapple)

Q8: what is your favorite ss13 hairstyle

A8: Remember when I ran the metal gear meme? and slapped Punished in front of my name; it’s that very long and messy one. All white in color. And also curled horns for all the lizards reading this.

Q9: um -break- starsign -break- yea
A9: what
Q9: when is your birthday
A9: OH STARSIGN- I’m a Gemini
Q9: -pepehandsupemoji- -break- idek what that means i just put it on literally every piece of paperwork i do as hop

Q10: whats your address?

A10: Ster-Kinekor Sam Levy’s, Zimbabwe -break- Particularly the Pizza Hut.

Q10: Awesome :+1:

Q11: WHO TF R U -break- Theres Ur Fucken Question CUuuuuuuuuuuu

A11: I’m hit protagonist Dark Soul from the series Dark Souls :cowboy_hat_face:


Pushes me into glass tables -1


I think this guy is a lizard main -1

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what’s your bench and how much do you weigh

also +1 because he has a higher deadlift than i do

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Ice cream is cool snort and all but what is your favorite pizza toppings???


blew me up and they made a sticker out of it but hasnt made fun of my hair +1

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favorite hairstyle isnt flat top -1


Crap I lost my competitive edge forgive me Gerald. What if I send you pictures of Spider-Man?

hold on i hear beep-

A cool guy all around, definitely worth a +1!

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Likes pineapple on pizza +1


-1 he measures his deadlifts in pounds


-1 shitter

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Gamer, +1

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-1 window breaker


+1 We Make Gun Deal And I Kill A Man Im Running Out Of Options

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-1 shitter

-1 window breaker

I can confirm the above, below is evidence of the dogged imperial measuring ruffian.


I want to see him fight Oliver in atmos first.


Did I hear Atmosian Scotland trials?

Winner takes the fire axe; and regicides for the title of Window Disliker