Unban appeal for Stevononono

Byond Account:Stevononono
Character Name(s):Emanuella Patterson
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): I'm not on the official discord but it's: archerIn #6573
Round ID of Ban:20167

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):Likely grief account, feel free to appeal on the forums
State your appeal: we all make mistakes. including accidentally transmuting someone into a monkey because they couldn’t figure out how to use a monkey cube box because they had not yet committed the hotkeys to muscle memory and needed to be quick, while also not knowing how to work the rules page. I’m sorry that i fucked up but i’ve been banned from 5 other servers while trying to fill the void, so i took a month’s break, and now i think i am ready to beg to undo the damage. I have already been unbanned from paradise. and it has been a month since with no not of bad behavior even, from any admin of another server. this station may be one of the biggest trash piles but it was the trash pile that raised me dammit. I’m sorry pls unban

You sure about that?

Denied, obviously.