Unban Appeal - Hotbuttercake (Random Ban)

  • Byond Account: Hotbuttercake
  • Character Name(s): random
  • Discord Name zoobat#5419
  • Round ID of Ban: 9291
  • Ban Message :Round 9291 Reason core 2 grief as an assistant shooting people with a shot gun they got in the halls as a nonantag youve been banned from sec before and were just talked to 3 days ago about killing other prisoners

Just an FYI, This admin came out of no whre, I mind you, out of no where.
Ask me am I griefing again?

Okay, one… Never grief, I’m a roleplayer. Two, he then gets smart, and starts talking about, how my notes are saying im a griefer, when he doesnt realize, those Notes, where LEGALLY DETERMINED< LEGAL, and IT ALL HAPPENED ICLY< and the ADMIN that handled taht note in the passed, already passed it as legal, and told me it was ok.

Another thing, this dude literally just said, im shooting people with a shotgun, and griefing people, when I literally just logged in and picked up someones shotgun, IM guessing he AHelped that admin, and started lying. I not once shot someone, nor intended to, nor will without reason, can I please have this random ass bann lifted.

Just to let you know, The notes you banned me with, are OLD, and are irrelevant and have been solved and deemed as legal, and IC, I only PLAY TRAITOR, and Prisoner, AND YES I DO KILL PEOPLE!, One time I was security, I did Self defend my self against aggressive, prisoners, wich then in return was resolved, by an admin as LEGAL. Someone come get this dude.

I then ask the dude, nicely what is he doing… I literally play no othjer server, I LOEV MRP rules, i follow them without any problems, I love roleplaying and doing my job. THIS IS THIS DUDES RESPONSE FOR SOMTHING I DIDNT DO! PLEASE HELP ME! I LOVE THIS SERVER I DID NOTHING WRONG.


I tried to tell you before you blocked me to make a proper appeal when you’re ready but mass pinging staff over a 3 day ban is way to far when you can easily make an appeal in dms you didnt seem to get the message and even when i showed you your logs and notes didnt understand

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